Xzibit Hip-Hop Super Star’s Comeback

Back in the day, you could find Xzibit wearing his throwbacks. You probably have seen him rocking his favorite jerseys like Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton. Recently, X has been able to catch a few Raiders games, but his focus is clearly tackling his musical comeback.

Xzibit is an entertainer, but his heart beats for the music. Although he has been out of the game focusing on personal issues, reevaluating his business practices and other projects, X is back from his six year hiatus and is at 100%.

San Diego fans caught a glimpse of Xzibit going 100 on one of the stops that The Napalm Album Release tour hit. His hottest new single entitled, “Napalm,” features drums by Travis Barker (drummer for the American pop-punk band Blink-182 and +44) and DJ Sid of Slipknot. The collaborations on this record are intensely creative. This hip hop super star brought on collaborations from many of rap’s key players including: E-40, Wiz Khalifa, Prodigy, Crooked I, The Game, Slim The Mobster, Dr. Dre, Akon, David Banner S1, Focus, Beat Butcher, and The Alkaholiks.

Napalm is a track, just like the flammable liquids used in warfare, which is sure to heat up the charts. And after the smoke clears… Xzibit will be ready to bring more explosives to the fans.

Pro Player Insiders reporter Theresa Villano was able to catch up with Xzibit after his show in San Diego to talk music and a little football.


Pro Player Insiders: On the title track, “Napalm,” you allude to US troops and filmed some of the music video clips in Iraq. What inspired you to use your song to reflect on the American troops?

XZIBIT: I was raised with some of those values. I always say my dad loved me the only way he knew how and that was through the marine corps. There were a lot of positive things that came from that too but I wouldn’t say it inspired the album; it was just more or less respect for the principle and respect for the values.


PPI: You went to Iraq and Saddam Hussein’s palace how was that?

X: It was surreal. You go to Iraq and you see all these different places on the news. Then you are actually there with boots on the ground and it’s a completely different feeling. So it feels good to be able to go there and use my experiences as a backdrop and for a reflection of the music.

PPI: You haven’t released a new album in nearly six years. What other projects were you working on during this time?

X: Really I have been working on me you know. I have been working on making sure that I am 100%. I do myself a disservice when I try to come out in front of the fans when I know when I am not 100%. I had a lot of things going on, a lot of personal issues, a reevaluation of my business practices and the people around merit took some time to do that, so you know other than that I have been doing a lot of movies, and a lot of television. Music is what I do best; this is where I feel like my home is and coming back with the fans being so receptive to the (Napalm Album) project. I feel really good.

PPI: You did a lot of collaborations on this album, which one should we look forward to the most?

X: The collaborations on this record are creative. It’s not just somebody on the verse and (you know) they kick a 16 and that’s it. Wiz Khalifa is on two songs; he is singing on one and then he is rapping on one. David Banner produced the record and he also featured like 8 or 9 bars. It’s different; it’s not just 16 bars. I feel like the appearances were needed. If the beat was organic and I played it for the person it should be for they were with it or they weren’t so that’s how it is.


PPI: Now let’s talk football. What team are you rooting for this year?

X: My favorite team is the Raiders (chuckles).

PPI: Whose jerseys do you rep?

X: I got a Montana, Namath, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton. I got tons of jerseys but I was rocking them back in the day.

PPI: Have you heard any NFLers rap? What you think?

X: I mean I would have to see. I would rather hear it before I go forward but I think we should just party together. So let’s just be cool.

PPI: Where can the PPI readers find your music online?

X: The new album is out now and you can get it on iTunes. The deluxe version is there and the regular version is there, as well. You can get a hard copy in any of your favorite record stores …if there are any left (big grin). You can also get it at Best Buy.

The Napalm Album Release tour started in Oakland and stopped in Pozo, Santa Ana, San Diego, Colorado and Arizona. The tour is now headed to Canada including stops in Ontario, British Colombia, and most notably at The Rockpile Nightclub in Toronto on November 10th.

 For more information on Xzibit’s current tour and Napalm album out in stores visit www.xzibit.com  Follow him on twitter @xzibit to stay tuned.

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