Winning Game Day Wedding for Some Texans Fans

James Tramel & Angel Travis called Battle Red Freaks about a month ago and asked about a possible wedding in our tailgate and joked about one of the Freaks doing the ceremony. It just so happened that Super Freak is an ordained and therefore was legally allowed to marry them.

The details were put together and the wedding date was Sunday, December 16 before the Texans Colts game. Originally, it was to be in jerseys and very casual but that changed.  At 9am Angel asked if she could surprise him by being in her dress.  We got her a place to change and hoped the rain would hold off. Texans President Jamey Rootes was suppose to be in attendance but the foul weather cancelled that.  However, they did send Bill Baptist, Texans photographer, and put the pics on the Texans site.

It was fun, their self written vows were awesome including their pledge to love each other as long as they each loved the Texans. They couple brought their their children and all of the Super Fans stood in the rain trying to cover them in umbrellas.

James told said it was good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. The Texans did win the division that day so maybe he’s onto something. Ultimate Fan gave the bride away and walked her down the aisle to Dre LaDon’s LIVE performance of his Texans Song Red White and Blue. After the couple “Wobbled” off to begin their married lives.

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