Into & Over Week NFL Week 17


Corey Wootton Sack Dance:
As a linemen I HATE to see a quarterback get sacked but I wouldn’t mind watching Corey Wootton get a few more if it meant that we would be treated to more of his dance moves. Sack dance

Aaron Rogers Right Calf:
While his left calf gave up on this play his right one was there when he needed it most allowing Rogers to stay up long enough to toss a touchdown pass to Randall Cobb. DefensiveEnlightenedJumpingbean

[Photo Credit @_MarcusD_]

Antonio Brown Punt Return:
Its dangerous to kick the ball to Antonio Brown usually one of two things happen – he returns it for a touchdown, or the punter gets kicked in the face. Sometimes the best option for the punter to take one for the team instead of giving up 6 points. brown td

[Photo Credit @_MarcusD_]


Josh Gordon in ShapeJosh Gordon:
You would think anyone who had a full season suspension reduced to 10 games would be on their best behavior for at least the rest of the year. Not Josh Gordon who somehow couldn’t manage to behave for the last 7 weeks of the season. Gordon finished this season the same way he started it suspend. This time due to a violation of team policy; Gordon was late to practice on Friday and missed a team walk-through on Saturday morning. Gordon needs to take a serious look at himself and find a way to get his act together or he will become another cautionary tale for how to not stay in the NFL.

Atlanta Falcons in the AFC South Championship Game:
The Panthers and Falcons had one job this week. Come Sunday all they had to do was play one interesting game and for a few hours everyone would be able to forget about the miserable season these two teams had. Cam Netwon and the Panthers came to the Georgia Dome ready to the go but the Falcons – like their entire season – were no where to be found.

Rex RyanBlack Monday:
This is a rough day for Coaches its the equivalent of the final cut day at the end of camp. A lot of the coaches that lost their jobs ike Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, and Marc Trestman saw it coming but the sting of getting fired is still there. Many Fans like that their team is cutting dead weight and consider it a fresh start but remember when a head coach is fired that means his entire staff is gone too and thats a lot of people out of work.

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