Washington Redskins: Medical Update on Josh Morgan, RG3 and Sav Rocca

The Washington Redskins have several players recovering from off-season surgeries. Between receiver Joshua Morgan, quarterback Robert Griffin III and punter Sav Rocca, they’ve combined for five surgeries this off-season. That lopsided number can be attributed solely on Joshua Morgan, who had three surgeries – one on his right ankle and both hands. Although Morgan stayed healthy last season, he never fully recovered from the ankle injury he sustained with the San Francisco 49ers in 2011. Not to mention, he revealed earlier this off-season that he played in 2012 with two torn ligaments in both hands. Even with that, Morgan had 48 catches for 510 yards and two receiving touchdowns, as well as one rushing touchdown.

We were able to sit down and talk to Morgan last Saturday after his story reading event at the National Children’s Museum. “When the season comes, I’ll be alright,” Morgan said. “They still got me rehabbing — my hands and my foot.”

Morgan had a decent season, but it was obvious that he wasn’t playing his caliber of football. Morgan is a grimy, tough football player who can be explosive after the catch. So I asked Morgan if he expects himself to regain that form because Washington has yet to see the best of Josh Morgan. “Yeah, I believe it’s going to be back because they got me in there rehabbing every day — sometimes twice a day,” he said. “I feel better already — we’re already further now than we were last year when I was rehabbing from the original surgery.”

While Morgan recovers from his surgeries, the guy who distributes him the football is doing the same. Robert Griffin III underwent total reconstructive knee surgery earlier this year, but he’s already making a speedy recovery. When asked about his quarterback Morgan wasted no time to talk about Griffin’s “All in for Week 1″ commercial: “Robert is good too – he’s in there every time I’m in there rehabbing… I don’t know about the commercial and the All in for Week 1,” he joked. “He’s good though — he’s moving good and everything — I haven’t seen him throw or plant, but as far as workout — he’s looking real good.”

NFL Network had an interview with Coach Mike Shanahan Monday, and it was the first time Shanahan said QB Kirk Cousins would “receive all the reps in the off-season.” Shanahan was careful in saying that Griffin won’t be back until he’s 100%. But so far, so good. The clearest picture of Griffin’s health will be in late July when training camp begins.

As for Sav Rocca, who played most of last season with a torn meniscus in his right knee, his agent told me via text that he’s 100% and will be full go when camp begins. Rocca, 39, recently inked a two year contract that will presumably allow him to retire a Redskin. The former Australian Rules football player said after last season that he would like to play another three years.

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