Warrior Wishes Come True in Cincinnati

On Oct. 13, another solider — good friend Jeremiah Sancho, 23, of Palm Bay, Fla. — was a few feet ahead of Tim Senkowski on a mission in Afghanistan and stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED).

His friend was killed. Tim lost both legs above the knee down, much of the muscle in his right arm and his entire left buttock to the blast. His entire back and sides are scarred from flying debris.

TIM SENKOWSKIHe doesn’t remember nearly a month of his life following the explosion.

And then there’s another month he’d like to forget. It was filled with pain beyond belief, nightmares, flashbacks and paranoia.

“I wasn’t even me,“ Tim said. “It was the pain, the drugs. I just wasn’t myself at all. The medication made me a very evil person. I tried to rip my IV out, tore my stitches apart; I wanted to run wild.”

Today, Tim’s making significant progress and becoming more independent by the day.

Tim & his son Dusty are big Chargers fans, and when the Chargers rolled into Cincy to face the Bengals in the playoffs, we wanted to make their warrior wishes come true!

Tim & his son arrived saturday night and stayed at the Chargers Team hotel thanks to the Westin.  And even got lucky enough to ride the elevator with Philip Rivers on their way to the lobby to meet my dad!!!

They got to see their Chargers bolt past the Bengals and move on to the next round of the playoffs!

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