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Last month, Kevin Everett was honored at an event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, called the “Movement for Change – Time to Soar” Event for the Walking with Anthony Foundation.  Everett received an award for work done in the Spinal Cord Community, and spoke at the event.

Walking with Anthony centers around Anthony Purcell, an amazing young man who suffered a spinal cord injury while in college.  He is now paralyzed in a wheelchair, but he is making good progress.

Everett spoke at the event, talking about the importance of faith.  “I talked about the goodness of God and how his mercy and grace helped me and continues to help me daily through my injury,” Everett said.

Walking With Anthony Event
Kevin Everett with Micki Purcell, Anthony Purcell

Everett spoke with Purcell at the event, and got the opportunity to meet with his family.  He talked about how one conversation in particular touched him:

“I met with a man, still in a wheelchair, who while talking started speaking about the constant pain he endures daily.  I responded by telling him, ‘I’m in a lot of pain too. I know exactly what you are going through and how you feel.’

“He looked at me amazed because he’s in a wheelchair and I’m standing up walking and talking to him about how much pain I have daily; however, we are just alike.

“I enjoy speaking with others about my injury and how it affects me because the majority of people who look at me now don’t think that I still go through a lot of pain, but the reality is I do. Just because I’m walking… this injury will always be a healing process for me daily.”


Everett also spoke about what’s coming up this year for him:

“There are several things that the Everett’s are looking forward to doing in the upcoming year, but for right now, my wife and I are expecting our third daughter on December 5th.

“We decided to call her Kelani Magdalyn Everett.  Her name means, ‘God’s precious gift.’

“When I found out the good news of us expecting our third daughter, I would sit up late at night thinking of what to name her.  I decided to combine my name and a part of my wife’s name and came up with Kelani.  I immediately told my wife who liked the name as well, but like the reader she is did some research and found out that ‘Kelani’ is actually a name, which means, ‘God’s precious gift.’

“I knew it was meant to be after her reading about the name and finding out the origin and what it means. It is the perfect name for our new bundle of joy!”


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