Vikings’ GM Rick Spielman Goes All-In on Sam Bradford

It was a tough Tuesday in Minnesota as the devastating injury news regarding quarterback Teddy Bridgewater spread like wildfire throughout Viking’s country. Within hours of the initial report, the worst case scenario was confirmed, Bridgewater would be out for the 2016 season and possibly beyond with a dislocated knee and a complete tear of his ACL. To Vikings fans the season that once held Super Bowl aspirations was seemingly destroyed in one fall swoop.

Today, new life was breathed into the Vikings and its faithful fans as General Manager Rick Spielman made a blockbuster trade with the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire former first overall pick, Sam Bradford. The price for Bradford wasn’t cheap, however, as the Vikings sent next year’s first and fourth round draft picks to Philly in order to bring the veteran to Minnesota.

The move has created a debate among fans in Minnesota as to whether or not the price was too steep to acquire a relatively unproven quarterback. Whether or not you agree with the decision, it’s clear that Spielman and the rest of the coaching staff believe that they can win now with a competent quarterback under center, and are willing to pay a king’s ransom in order to get their ideal guy. The move also raises questions as to how long the Vikings can expect to be without Bridgewater as the Bradford deal is for two years.

With a little over a week until the start of the regular season, Spielman has pushed all of his chips into the pot making a deal of this magnitude. If the Vikings can win the Super Bowl, it will go down as one of the greatest GM decisions in the history of the NFL. If it backfires Spielman may be out of a job.

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