Unconditional Love – Calais Campbell a Mother’s Day Tribute

Calais Campbell Arizona Cardinals As Mother’s Day comes we celebrate and show our appreciation for that special someone. That person can be your wife, your sister or any friend or relative however there is nothing compared to the bond and love a child has for their Mother. As a young boy she’s the first person you learn to love and the one person you can always count on for guidance and support.

AZ-Campbells Mom- Photo by Trish ScottCalais Campbell of the Arizona Cardinals has a very close relationship with his mother Nateal. Growing up in a busy household of 10 (himself included), there are words that best describe the Campbell family like fun, energetic, loving but never neglect. Mrs. Campbell believed in family, without family you have no foundation for life. Calais is the way he is today honest, loving, hard working, generous and overall a pleasure to be around because of his mom. Now if those are only a few characteristics he gotten from her, imagine what kind of person she is!

We had a chance to ask the gentle giant what she means to him and he simply replied with

“She’s just an Awesome woman, she’s always willing to help anyone in need.” He also added how she would welcome the neighborhood kids after football games knowing it was already a pretty busy household, admitting how to this day she still treats him like her baby.

Their relationship can be felt by anyone who has the privilege to be in the same room with them both. If you want to understand the connection they have there’s no need for questions, just sit back and look at their reactions when the other walks into the room. From room brightening smiles to a warmth of security that only a mother can provide, it’s clear there’s really no words that can truly describe the unconditional love between this pair.

Arizona Cardinals Calais Campbell photo by Mike Yduarte

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