Turn It Down For Watt: Texans’ J.J. Watt #1 on Top 100 Players

                                                                           “All I know is you mess with me, you got problems,” (J.J. Watt)


Any time J.J. Watt does anything awesome, the song Turn it Down for What by Lil John is played in the stadium, and the entire city of Houston loses their minds.

“When they play that song and the stadium kind of gets going, it’s electric. I mean the place goes nuts; I go nuts. It’s like it turned into a different world and it’s unbelievable, and I love it.”J.J. Watt_ Houston Texans


It’s no wonder why the fans would lose their minds when that song comes on; J.J. Watt had an outstanding  2014 – 2015 season which resulted in him being named #1 on NFL Network’s Top 100 players.  During last season, Watt became the first defensive player in Texans history to score a touchdown from scrimmage. He scored the touchdown on the on a one-yard catch after coming into the game as a tight end. During the season Watt has also taken snaps on offense as a tight end, catching three touchdown passes.  Watt also became the first player in NFL history to record two 20+ sack seasons in a career. Watt currently holds the Texans franchise records for both sacks and forced fumbles.

“When I was able to get to 20.5 sacks, for the second time in my career, they told me that nobody had ever done that before. I think that was pretty special.”  Watt Said.

It’s been said that Watt is so good that his coaches often let him decide where he’s going to line up.

Titans’ Delane Walke said, “It’s funny because when you play him he’d say that. This guy I’m killing him, so he will line up where ever he feel like; it’s a miss match.”

JJ Watt

During a game against the Buffalo Bills, Watt picked off a pass from Buffalo’s E.J. Manuel that was intended for Fred Jackson, and returned 80 yards for the touchdown. With this touchdown, Watt became tied at sixth for the longest interception return by a defensive lineman. Watt’s touchdown was also the fourth longest interception return in Houston Texans history.


Buffalo Bill’s Eric Wood added, “We went into the game saying lets win someone on one match ups, and lets not ruin our protection scheme to focus on one player, and looking back, we probably should have should showed him some extra attention.”

“He made a hell of a play and the only thing going on in my mind was God I wish that was me” commented Buffalo Bills’ Marcell Dareus.

With the 2015-2016 season fast approaching, NFL fans will be keeping an eye on him. What records will he break this season? Just how many times will Turn It Down for What be played at the Texans stadium?

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