Triton Elementary Receives Special Visit From Colts

Schools in any of the 32 NFL markets, along with two additional “non-market” schools, are eligible to receive the NFL Rush $10,000 prize towards the schools Health and Wellness programs.  Triton Central Elementary School in Indianapolis is one of the lucky winners, and received a visit from a few players from their Indianapolis Colts, including safety Antoine Bethea, long snapper Matt Overton, and wide receiver / kick returner T.Y. Hilton, along with other Colts players.  The Colts players discussed Health and Safety with the students and interacted with them on basic football drills and scrimmages.

To become a winner, students were asked to write essays about how their school supports football, the NFL, and how they incorporate football into their lesson plans.  The best 3 were selected and while many are eligible, only one can be selected in each region.

In the interview below, ProPlayerInsiders’ Michael Johnson talked with Shawn Posedo about the importance of the NFL Rush Play 60 program.  Shawn reinforced not only the benefits on the program for the kids today, saying, “It’s great… getting the kids out there and showing them the importance of staying active.”

Posedo can connect with the motivation for the kids as well.  He added, “This is great for the kids, for them to meet Colts players.  If I had met NFL players when I was a kid, I would be ecstatic.”


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