Top Quotes from Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day

Packed with TV stations, writers, photographers, radio hosts and reporters, the biggest Media Day in the nation went down yesterday. Media swarmed around the player podiums asking them a wide array of questions, some expected some unexpected. Questions included everything from their thoughts on their opponents to their teammate’s controversy to their pre game rituals.AE2I5835

Pro Player Insiders was particularly captivated by the passion the players had for their families. Many made a point to express how important the support they have gotten from those closest to them this season was to allow them to make it to the big dance. We also talked about the amount of hair, both facial and dreads, rocked by both the Broncos and Seahawks.

To say the least there were a lot of heart felt and entertaining answers circulating Prudential Stadium from the Super Bowl 48 teams.

Here are a few of the most intriguing quotes from Manning and Wilson’s crews:

Broncos Blitz…

Second year player Danny Trevathan held a teddy bear most of the day that he planned on giving to his daughter. He explained that his daughter motivated him to put in work this season saying, “I’m trying to make her life so easy. I want her to wake up in the mornings let daddy take care of the rest. She will be here to watch me play most definitely.”photo(6)

Rookie Monte Ball made sure to talk about his parents support. “My parents have helped me in this journey and have sacrificed so much. I love them to death they are amazing!”photo(7)

309 pound Painter Viston, a big man on the Broncos gives shout outs to his teammates ‘“The guy with the freshest style on your team is “Buba” Andre Caldwell.And the hair award goes to Luis Vasquez, because of the beard! But you can find me kickin it with John Youboty and Gerell Robinson.”

Ten year veteran Shaun Philips talked about his favorite football moment dating back all the way to high school. “I had a 9 sack game once it was my best game in my high school life.”

Despite rumors of retirement, Dominic Rodgers Cromartie, debatably one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL talks about what motivates him,“What really motivates me is always being the underdog,” Cromartie said. ”Coming out of high school, not having no offers, going through college—the four years and going through a small school and just going through the things I did. I just say—all the negativity that surrounds itself; that’s what motivates me.”

Meet Paris Lenon, a guy that goes from the XFL to the Super Bowl. Paris shared some of his personal favorites. “My favorite food is pretzels and my go to fashion accessory is always a fresh  pair of sneakers. Just so you know my nickname Michael, it’s my middle name. The teammate I hang out with most is definitely Brandon Marshall.”

Eric Decker talks about the support his country wife, Jessie James. “This season and just the last couple years she’s been kind of the person I lean on,” Decker said of his wife Jessie.”You’re going to have dog-days. Football is a long year and it’s a grind. To come home to warm, loving woman is always comforting; to have food on the table as well. I can’t really cook, so, that’s a big thing as well. Just someone to share these experiences with, and to lean on when I need her; she’s been amazing for me.” Decker’s other supporter is his best friend on the team, Demaryius Thomas. “We came in together in 2010, [and] he’s my best friend on the team. We’re very close,” said Decker regarding his relationship with Thomas. “I feel like he’s a brother of mine and we definitely have each other’s back. I would say that he’s a guy I lean on through times.”AE2I3844

Demaryius Thomas tells media about his mother and grandmother watching him from Jail.” I talked to my grandmother and my mom. They both called me this week. It was just happy. My momma,  just told me, ‘I told you you would make it (to the Super Bowl).’ We haven’t really talked about it much but I talked to my grandma and she said the same thing. She got emotional and all, but they just said, ‘You were going to make it.’ They get to watch every game that comes on TV there and they’ve got the t-shirts. All of the ladies have the t-shirts and watch me, so that’s special.”

Terrance Knighton talks about teammate Von Miller. “Von Miller. He always has energy,” said Knighton of his teammate.”He wakes up with energy; it drives us crazy, but,you need guys like that in the locker room. Even with him not playing, he’s still the same guy. Knighton enjoys his grub and said, “I’ll have chicken breast and a salad before the game but I really enjoy Mountain Dew and Doritos.”


Seahawk Sentiments…

Seahawks player talks faith and answered prayers, “Get in a relationship with God and talk to him every day and as much as you can. My dream was to get to play in the Super Bowl and God answered that prayer! ”

Bobby Wagner Seahawk standout says, “I attended the Super Bowl last year to watch. But this year we have worked very hard to play in the game. I was ready to prove people wrong.”


Great man on and off the field Cliff Avril talked about being ready for the game but also about using this game as a platform for his charity work“I do a lot with the United Way of Seattle. I am trying to encourage people to sign up, on my team, on United Ways website to mentor students in their community. Education is key and I am doing what I can to help.”


Debating over who had better beards, Max Unger and DE Michael Bennett questioned who has best facial hair. “I don’t know who has better facial hair…probably Max but my beard is pretty tight. Most of the guys on the team have facial hair if you look around,” said Bennett chuckling.

Rookie RB Christin Michael showed up with ray bands, personality, and impressions of Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman. “Oh you want me to do a Coach Carroll impression. I do a better Sherman one. ‘I’m the best cornerback in league. No one can stop me (chuckles).’ When asked what it meant to be at the Super bowl Michael responded, “It’s a blessing! I keep thinking back, because I have boys back home that would love to be here in my place.  I just love being out here and being myself that’s why I am wearing shades and have a little bling on me. I’m just being me. I love being part of this. First year in the league it couldn’t get any better then this.” He went on to talk about his daughter being his motivation.”Every time I wake up in the morning she just inspires me. She’s just the life to my heart and light to my world. That’s why I go to work everyday. That’s my daughter it’s a blessing to be apart of.”
Chris MichaelChris Michael

Seahawks Jordan Hill explains that facial hair keeps the hawks warm, “I can only speak for my teammates and I, but believe the facial hair protects us from the weather. It gets a little cold in Seattle sometimes, got to protect the chill.” Cornerback Jeremy Lane chimed in and further breaks down the hair phenomenon “Everybody has their own look. I got the chin strap. Some guys have the long hanging beards and the mature look. Most of the guys have facial hair.”

Standout safety, Earl Thomas a proud  fraternity brother said, ” I am representing the Kappas here. My brother Seth will be at the game he is a Kappa from McNeese State. Also, I have my daughter down here, and when I’m not in it, I’m with her. You need that family spirit.” When asked if he thought he could convince Sherman to cut off his dreads like he did Thomas said, “I don’t think that’s going to happen. Sherman is not going to cut off his dreads (chuckles). I cut my dreads because I  started a couple endorsement deals and just wanted to start over. People act like they are scared of people with dreads.I started them my freshman year of college and then I just cut them off recently.” Thomas went on to talk highly of defensive leader Kam Chancelor. “Kam is the enforcer. The L.O.B. came from The  12’s – our fans. Kam started it on Twitter, and they kind of went with it. I’m glad it happened. L.O.B. means so much to me, and obviously it’s starting to catch on like wildfire across the country. It’s well deserved because we put in the hard work.”Super Bowl Media day

PPI was also able to see Russell Wilson on Draft Day 2 years ago and he admits he has come a long way, “Since being drafted, my goal has been to make the Super Bowl and be at most Super Bowls possible.”



So many insightful priceless quotes came from  Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day,. Year after year it remains to be a great way for all to get a closer look into the pros playing in the world’s most watch world championship game.

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