Top Five Rams QB’s of the Century


More than 20 quarterbacks have played for the Rams over the past 80 years. The Rams franchise started in Cleveland in 1936 as a part of the American Football League and bid its way into the National Football League the following 1937 season. Many great quarterbacks have come and gone over the years. The top five were not easy to choose, but here’s a list of the greatest we think the team has seen thus far.


5. Kurt Warner 1998 – 2003 His rookie year, Kurt Warner played only one game for the Rams. It was his second season the team’s faith in him grew, and he started every game. That season he led the team to 42 touchdowns, 41 passing and one rushing. The ’99 season marked Warner’s best with the Rams. He totaled 102 passing TDs and one rushing. His career with the Rams resulted in 14,447 passing yards, and 202 rushing yards before he moved on to the New York Giants in 2004.

nfl_g_nvbrocklin1_3004. Norm Van Brocklin 1949 – 1957 – Norm Van Brocklin played nine seasons with the Rams followed by three with the Philadelphia Eagles. His debut year he played in 8 games scoring 6 TDs with 601 passing yards and only two interceptions. His final year, 1957, had to be the greatest year for Van Brocklin and the Rams. Although he had 21 interceptions he still was able to score 24 TDs, 4 rushing.  His season percentage was 49.8 and he had a total 2,105 yards. Van Brocklin’s Rams career stats were quite impressive, achieving 126 TDs, 8 rushing and 118 passing. He only had 35 rushing yards but a crushing 16,114 passing yards. Van Brocklin was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971.

jim_everett_1991_09_013. Jim Everett 1986 – 1993Jim Everett in third place may come as a shock considering he had such high stats, but his second place contender did slightly better in other areas. Eight of the 12 seasons Everett played were with the Los Angeles Rams, starting in 1986. Scoring 29 passing TDs and 1 rushing TD, 4,310 passing yards and 31 rushing yards in his 1989 season, Everett marked that year as his best with the team. He had a crushing 29 sacks and 17 interceptions, but that didn’t stop him. From 1986 to 1993 Everett scored 142 passing TDs and even had 4 rushing TDs and 510 rushing yards. With the highest passing yardage, Everett smashed the rest of the quarterbacks on the list with 23,758.

Marc Bulger 350x3502. Marc Bulger 2001 – 2009 How did Bulger beat out Everett for the number two spot… Bulger had 8 rushing TDs making him the second best running quarterback the Rams have ever seen. In the interceptions category, Bulger only had 93 to Everett’s 123. Over the course of his eight year stint with the St. Louis Rams, Bulger showed his QB skills well. He totaled 122 passing TDs and 22,814 yards in nine seasons. The 2006 season proved to be Bulger’s greatest year; connecting for 24 TDs and 4,301 yards with only 8 interceptions. Bulger earned his spot on this list with ease.

Roman Gabriel Rams Banner1. Roman Gabriel 1962 – 1972 The greatest QB the Rams have ever seen is without a doubt Roman Gabriel. His 11 seasons with the Los Angeles Rams, starting in 1962, solidified his top spot on this list. Topping almost every aspect of being a QB, Gabriel drove 154 TDs passing and 28 rushing. That’s over 180 TDs by one man in the 1960s. Not only an amazing passing QB, Gabriel knew when to run the ball in himself. He had 22,223 passing yards and 1,146 rushing. A beast with precision. 1967 was his second best year with the team, he had 25 passing TDs and 6 rushing. He also had 2,779 passing yards and 198 rushing. The 13 interceptions were high in comparison to his best year in 1969. He only had 7 interceptions, with 24 passing TDs and 5 rushing. He also threw the ball for 2,549 yards and ran for 156. Gabriel topped the list, with his skills as not only a passing QB but a man who could run when he needed to get the ball in the zone.

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