The Sports Casters on the Olympics, MLB, and Jeremy Lin

On the twenty-ninth episode of the second season of The Sports-Casters, hosts Steve Bennett and Don Russ welcome Jonah Keri (Grantland), Tommy Tomlinson (SportsonEarth.COM), and Pablo S. Torre (Sports Illustrated, SI.Com) to the podcast. Kicking off the show with 3Things, Steve and Don talk about the first week of the Olympics. Don talks about a disappointing result in fencing, and Steve chats about watching synchronized diving with Miss Caster.

Also, Steve and Don talk about the Major League Baseball trade deadline, an off-color joke that could have the WWE in trouble, and the NCAA issuing more sanctions this time on the University of Central Florida. Also on the show, Steve and Don update the book club, debate similarly ranked players during Five on Fantasy, and close out the show with Pick4.


Jonah Keri is making his fourth appearance on the podcast to discuss the fallout from the Major League Baseball trade deadline. Keri reveals his winners and losers from a day of trading, explains why Ryan Dempster ended up with the Rangers and not the Dodgers, and discusses the Marlins decision to trade Hanley Rameriez. Also, Keri explains the impact a player traded for today can have on a team’s win/loss record, tells us what stories he will be following over the last sixty games of the regular season, and updates us on the progress of him upcoming book about the Montreal Expos.

Tommy Tomlinson is making his debut appearance on the podcast to discuss his role on a new website created by USA Today Sports Media Group and MLB Advanced Media  called Sports on Earth. Tomlinson also chats with Steve and Don about the upcoming college football season, his thoughts on the new playoff system, and gives his favorites to play in the upcoming BCS National Championship Game. Last, Tomlinson talks about his relationship with Joe Posnanski, gives his opinion on Joe’s upcoming book about the life of Joe Paterno, and explains the impact his expects the controversy surrounding the book will have on Sports on Earth.

Jeremy Lin

Pablo S. Torre is making his third appearance on the podcast to discuss a column he recently co-authored with Sports-Casters regular Lee Jenkins about Jeremy Lin. Torre takes us through the anatomy of a magazine article that is co-authored. Torre explains how he and Jenkins split up the reporting, broke up the writing, and settled on the finished product. Torre also gets into the Rockets signing of Jeremy Lin, the impact it will have on the Rockets and the Knicks, and explains first hand from a phone conversation he had with Lin how Lin expects his life to change in Houston.

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