The Sports Casters on Seau, Ashe, and Hamilton’s 4HR Game

On the eighteenth episode of the second season of The Sports-Casters, hosts Steve Bennett and Don Russ welcome Frank Deford (SI, SI.Com, HBO Sports), Jon Wertheim (SI, SI.Com) and Dan Wolken (The Daily) to the podcast. Kicking off the show with 3Things, Steve and Don talk about the Jared Weaver’s no hitter, Josh Hamilton’s four home run game and the tragic death of Junior Seau. Also, a book club update of epic proportions, an in-depth look into the NBA and NHL playoffs, and Steve and Don close the show with Pick4.

Junior Seau

Frank Deford makes his first appearance on the podcast and declines to name the sports writers who would take their spot beside him on the Mount Rushmore of Sports Writing. Deford also talks about the decision to write his memoir, the heartbreak of losing a daughter to cystic fibrosis, and his relationship with tennis star Arthur Ashe.

Jon Wertheim makes his eighth appearance on the podcast to discuss the quality of today’s sports writing, his upcoming trip to Paris for the French Open, and his excitement over covering his first Olympics. Jon also speculates on what a modern day “Battle of the Sexes” would be like, reports on the UFC’s difficulties in New York, and promises to come on the podcast sometime with his Scorcasting partner Tobias Moskowitz for a long discussion on loss aversion.

Dan Wolken makes his fourth appearance on the podcast to discuss The Daily’s evolution to an iPhone app. Dan also talks about Predators quick exit from the NHL playoffs, violence in the NFL, and his preferred college football playoff format.


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