The Sports Casters on NFL Contracts, Joe Paterno and Baseball Cards

On the twenty-seventh episode of the second season of The Sports-Casters, hosts Steve Bennett and Don Russ welcome Jon Wertheim (Sports Illustrated, SI.COM), Ben Nicholson-Smith (, and Zach Rosenfield (PR Professional) to the podcast.

Kicking off the show with 3Things, Steve and Don talk about the good and the bad of this week’s news in the NFL. The good are the signings of Drew Brees, Matt Forte, and Ray Rice. The bad is the arrests of Elvis Dumervil, Marshawn Lynch, and Dez Bryant. Also, Steve and Don chat about the damaging new developments in the Joe Paterno case, a lucky guy discovering millions of dollars worth of baseball cards, and Roberto Luongo finishing in the money at the World Series of Poker. Also on the show, Steve and Don update the book club, debate some of the basic fantasy football rules, and close out the show with Pick4.


Joe Paterno

Jon Wertheim is making his ninth appearance on the podcast to discuss the recent developments in the case of Joe Paterno and the scandal at Penn State. Wertheim has covered the story for SI and shares his thoughts on the Freeh Report, explains on how the culture of the Penn State football program under Joe Paterno helped lead to this mess, and gives his opinion on whether or not the statue of Joe Paterno should remain standing on the Penn State campus. Wertheim also speaks candidly about Joe Posnanski’s new Paterno book and gives his reaction to Jeff Pearlman’s blog that states the book should be scrapped. Wertheim also sticks around to talk a little tennis and to give us his plans for the upcoming Olympics.

Ben Nicholson Smith is making his fourth appearance on the podcast to discuss the upcoming Major League Baseball trade deadline. Nicholson-Smith tells us who will be buyers and who will be sellers, talks about some of the players rumored to be moved at the trade deadline, and explains why more trades might be made after July 31 this season than before.

Zach Rosenfield returns to the podcast for the first time since leaving the podcasting world to pursue a career in PR.  Rosefield joins the guys to further the Penn State/Paterno discussion. Rosenfield speaks passionately about his distaste for the cover up efforts made by Joe Paterno. Rosenfield also addresses Posnanski’s book, the issue of the statue, and even drops an F-bomb or two.


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