The Ravens Shout “Nevermore”

Altered poem from the original “TheRaven” Edgar Allen Poe (1845)


Once upon a Sunday Night , In the Steel City being unseasonably warm

Two teams meet, being NFL’s greatest modern rivalry

The Steelers want the rematch from their first meeting.

The Ravens coming off a couple of inconsistent performances

With a fight for first place in their division, the Steelers look strong,

But the Ravens shout, “Nevermore”



Ray Lewis, grossly despised by many Steelers fans, shouts out his game

Theatrics and roars, and Terrell Suggs sets his sights on Big Ben,

And the Ravens’ defensive line follows.

The Steelers welcomed back superstar, James Harrison, but have to watch their sack leader, Lamar Woodley, sit the sidelines.

The Ravens don’t care and say, it is what it is, and nothing more!


Through three quarters it is typical Steelers/Ravens Football, Both defenses’ hitting hard.  Ray Lewis hits Hines Ward with an obvious head to head blow, (sure to be looked at by the league).

The Steelers receivers do an outstanding job catching some tipped balls especially, newly acquired receiver, Jerricho Cotchery.  Cotchery adds another “across the middle receiver”, in place of Hines Ward.

Antonio Brown caught 5 receptions for 109 yards, leading the Steelers offense.

However, the Ravens QB, Joe Flacco and team answered with 67% third down efficiency to answer the Steelers, “Nevermore.”


The Steelers down by 10 in the beginning of the 4th quarter, showed resilience

And returned with two awesome scoring opportunities, one to Rashard Mendenhall for a 1 yard rushing touchdown, the second a 25 yard pass from Big Ben to Wallace to cap a 58 yard drive in 2 minutes.

The Steelers on top only 1:13 left on the clock.

But the damn Ravens came crying “NEVERMORE”

Joe Flocco’s winning drive to Torrey Smith was an epic moment for the Ravens

Especially after Smith’s drops earlier in the game.

At the end of the day, the Ravens holler “Nevermore.”


Never can the Steelers say “they have never been swept by the Ravens!”

We are only week 9 and the outcomes have not yet been determined for playoffs, but I will add that as a Steelers fan, the Ravens are the team I hate the most in the NFL, and I will never, never, never write an article about them again.  NEVERMORE!

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