The Most Athletic Players in the NFL

Andre Johnson (Houston Texans – WR):

Standing tall at 6’2” and weighing in at 226 pounds, Andre Johnson is a physical specimen and a dominant force on the field. He routinely rips up defenses, receiving for 9,259 yards and 51 touchdowns in his career.

“There are very few athletes his size [226 pounds with four percent body fat] with that type of body control, balance, and speed,” says Ray Wright, former training coach of the Texans. “He’s the total package – a rare player.”

Johnson is a rare player indeed, running in sand pits and practicing sprints to ready himself for game day. His blistering speed and pure athleticism is the result of his hard work off the field.

Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals – WR):

The Arizona Cardinals didn’t sign star receiver Larry Fitzgerald to a record-breaking contract extension for no reason. Fitzgerald has been the one glimmer of hope on a franchise holding on for dear life following Kurt Warner’s departure.

It was Fitzgerald who caught Warner’s go-ahead pass that gave the Cardinals a late lead in Super Bowl XLIII before the famous Santonio Holmes leaning touchdown catch that gave the Steelers the win. He is consistently one of the best receivers in the league each year, and his athleticism is a major factor in his success.

Diving for catches and jumping for unthinkable one-handed grabs, Larry Fitzgerald is a highlight machine that is guaranteed to make a play worth talking about every game.


Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings – RB):

Adrian “All-Day” Peterson lives up to his nickname, challenging himself immensely in workouts to ensure nobody can catch up to him on the field. Peterson’s intense workouts focus on the lower body, utilizing a combination of squats and lunges. His effort in the gym is what gives him the ability to power through tackles, burst through the line, and a general explosiveness in his runs.

Peterson is one of the most feared players in the league, and he deserves to be. He started turning heads immediately after entering the league, demonstrating his athletic gift with a 296-yard performance, good for the single game rushing yards record. Peterson is still young and he has plenty of good years ahead of him. If his workout routine continues, expect the same out of All Day in the future.


Vernon Davis (San Francisco 49ers – TE):

It may be a surprise to some to see him on this list, but 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is in better shape than most NFL players. An intensive diet and exercise routine give Davis his brute strength. At 6’3” and 250 pounds, he is a force both as a blocker and a receiver. In 2009, he finished the season with 965 yards and 13 touchdowns, one of the most impressive performances ever from a tight end.

Men’s Fitness writer Ryan Murphy reported that Davis’ workout regiment is not anything out of the ordinary, going as far as to say that Davis is “blessed with the kind of genetics usually only seen in the pages of X-Men comics.” Davis credits his athleticism to natural ability and his exercise routine/diet.


Darrelle Revis (New York Jets – CB):

The only defensive player to make this list, Darrelle Revis has some of the most insane pure athleticism ever seen on a football field. Undersized compared to most of his opponents at 5’11” and 198 pounds, Revis makes up for the difference by staying in immaculate shape. Height advantage means little against Revis, who routinely shuts down players like Andre Johnson, Chad Ochocinco, and Randy Moss.

Revis endures grueling offseason workouts with his personal trainer Will Sullivan, who challenges him to meet goals and makes everything into a competition. He pushes himself to the limit and the end result is the best cover cornerback in the league. Revis has put himself into position to be one of the best defensive backs ever and continue his dominance with the Jets for years.

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