The Fantasy Greek’s Fantasy Football Player of The Week: Andrew Luck

There is no single rookie football player, especially at the quarterback position, that has made a bigger impact so quickly in the modern football era than Andrew Luck. Robert Griffin III made his own mark of course as the player drafted second overall in 2012. But, Luck will always be distinguishable, for better or for worse, because he was drafted first overall in 2012.  As such, many of Andrew Luck’s rookie accomplishments were more monumental than they were statistical.

Andrew Luck Colts
Andrew Luck

Indeed, Luck’s rookie accomplishments are well documented by the Colts. Among others, Luck was the first rookie quarterback, drafted first overall, to lead his team to the playoffs.  He was also the first rookie quarterback, drafted first overall, to lead his team to eleven wins. What’s more impressive is that Luck had some big shoes to fill, taking over the reins of a Colts franchise that had been led for thirteen seasons by future hall of famer, Peyton Manning. And yet, Luck could be better. By comparing rookie seasons, Luck had 635 more passing yards than Manning did, threw ten less interceptions than Manning did, and scored 2 more touchdowns than Manning did if you add in rushing touchdowns. Manning’s completion percentage is higher, but Luck threw the ball 52 more times and was sacked 19 more times than Manning. Most importantly, Luck led the team to an 11-5 record as a rookie while the Manning led Colts struggled his rookie year, finishing the 1998 season at 3-13.  But, regardless of the records and regardless of the numbers, Luck and Manning share one thing in common. They are both great football players.

This week, Manning and Luck face off in the regular season in a much anticipated Week 7 game, made more intriguing by the ballyhoo which resulted from comments of Colts owner Jim Irsay, which were apparently taken out of context. Whatever the case, The Fantasy Greek expects this much anticipated game to be of the high scoring variety, which is a good thing in fantasy football circles.Andrew Luck 350x350

Luck has generally been a 250 yard and 2 TD quarterback in 2013. These numbers should be bolstered against a Broncos pass defense leading the league in pass yards allowed at 337 pass yards per game, and adding to that 1 to 2 pass TDs per game. While the Bronco pass defense should get a whole lot better with the return of Von Miller this week, this game should still be pass heavy for the Colts. Andrew Luck is a must start in all fantasy football leagues in Week 7. Andrew Luck is The Fantasy Greek’s fantasy football player of the week.

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Written By: Jim Saranteas – @TheFantasyGreek and @JimSaranteas on Twitter

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