Tennessee Titans Pick Six Versus The Miami Dolphins

Miami is a destination for a lot of people. The weather, the beaches and the environment there can be considered a grown person’s paradise. For the Tennessee Titans, this trip for them is during the season and it is also one that is about business. The Titans are coming off one of their worst defeats as they got beat pretty bad in Houston 57-14. The return to Miami brings them back to a place where the Titans offense was playing well back in 2016. The Titans won in Miami 30-17 last season behind the strong play of quarterback Marcus Mariota ( 20/29, 163 yards, 3 TDs) and running back DeMarco Murray (27 carries, 121 yards, 2 TDs). Well this year, they need another big win in Miami to sustain their playoff hopes this year. The question is can they do it or will they still be hungover from what happened to them last week? We shall find out on Sunday but here are some keys to them putting themselves in great position to win the game.



Running Wild

henry and Murray

The Titans running game has not been what is was last season in the 2017 season for whatever reason. While they have been able to win two games with the inconsistent running game so far, the running game will eventually be needed and this game is the one where it could be huge. Tennessee will more than likely be without quarterback Marcus Mariota as he deals with a hamstring issue. So for the Titans to be successful, they will need DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry and their offensive line to come out and set the tone and control the tempo the entire game. If that happens, that enhances their chances of winning the game.

The Value Of The Football

Titans Jaguars Football

The football is valuable and the Titans need to realize that. Last weekend, they did not realize it as they totaled five turnovers for the game. Valuing the football will be paramount especially with Matt Cassel being the starter for this one more than likely. The veteran quarterback looked old and rusty in his first regular season action for the Titans this season. He threw two interceptions and fumbled after being sacked, and there are many questions about how he will do as a starter. While those questions will remain up to gametime, the one thing he can do to help the Titans winning chances is hold on to the football and throw it away if there is no one open.

Be Janet Jackson-like Up Front

Tennessee Titans offensive line

Everyone knows who Janet Jackson is and remembers different points of his career. One of the most memorable moments of her career is when she was singing “Control“. Well, the Titans may not want to be singing that song, but they certainly will want to emulate that with their offensive line. The Titans offensive line is their strongest unit and they must be the pacesetter and take control early and often. If they do, then the Titans will be sitting in the driver’s seat. If not, then there could be trouble and that will be going on an “escapade” they don’t wanna go on.



Who’s The Man?

Brian Orakpo

The man in the mirror? No, try the man to bring pressure. The Titans need someone to be the guy that harasses Jay Cutler in the pocket. The veteran quarterback can still be rattled and we have seen how the Miami offensive line can be taken advantage of. The combination of defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau and the Titans trio of outside linebackers Derrick Morgan, outside linebacker Brian Orapko and defensive lineman Jurrell Casey. We all know the saying about pressure, well the Titans are hoping they are able to burst the bubble of the Dolphins with their defense.

Thicker Than Toilet Paper

deandre hopkins pointing first down

The Tennessee Titans pass defense were lit up in the passing game by Houston’s Deshaun Watson. They did any and everything they wanted while embarrassing the Titans thoroughly. The bad thing is last week happened for the Titans. The good thing is they get a chance this week to erase that memory. The Titans passing defense was getting ripped worse than one-ply paper. This week they face a pretty solid pass offense with Miami. Will they show some resiliency or will we see them tore through like cheap toilet paper? Only they hold the keys there.

Redeeming Qualities

deshaun watson strolls into the endzone

The Titans looked bad defensively. There is no other way to even say it. They were beaten every which way but loose. With how bad that was, the good thing for the Titans is they have a game to redeem themselves. The only way that happens though, is if they step up the plate and accept the challenge of being better. There are a bunch of prideful guys on that defense that are still probably irate from last week and want to make a point in this game. Against an offense in Miami that has been struggling is a good way to build some confidence. The question will be will the Titans let them gain confidence or will they crush them like they want to.


The scene is South Beach will be nice. The Titans can enjoy it, but they better come there to Miami with bad intentions. A loss here would put them in a situation they don’t want to be in: trying to catch up to the playoff pace. They say playoff teams rise to the occasion when they need to, so will this Titans team do so or will they be a pretender like some think they are? We shall see come Sunday in Miami.

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