Tennessee Titans Pick Six Versus The Arizona Cardinals

The Tennessee Titans may not be winning every game pretty, but they are finding ways to win games nonetheless. They took on divisional opponent Houston Texans last game and were able to do enough to come out with a win and keep pace with the Jacksonville Jaguars for AFC South supremacy. 8-4 sounds good but the record means nothing without a playoff appearance and that push continues this week as they head to the West Coast to take on the Arizona Cardinals. If the Titans are to make the playoffs, they definitely have to win this game, but we all know that it will not come easy as the Cardinals are a prideful team. Let’s get to the Pick Six needed for the Titans to win come Sunday afternoon.



1)  Give It To The Closer

Derrick Henry

The closer is someone that comes in and shuts the door on a team in baseball. In football, it can be that running back that makes that backbreaking run. That is what Derrick Henry is for the Tennessee Titans and in all honesty, the Titans need to think about giving him the ball even more. The more he touches the football, the more chances he has to make big plays and if the Titans are being real with themselves, Henry has outplayed Murray. The young back is the future and it seems like the future is now.

2) Where In The World is Corey Davis?

Corey Davis

Has anyone seen a young, talented wide receiver with explosive athletic ability? He was last seen making two receptions versus the Houston Texans in the Titans win Sunday. The Titans are not needing him to be a superstar already, but they surely need someone to stretch the defense. Davis has very good speed and has a pretty good catch radius and he could help exploit this Cardinals secondary that can be taken advantage of. Will he step up to the challenge and produce or will he continue to be one of the guys? The Titans hope he accepts the challenge to produce even more.

3) Stingy Marcus Is A Good Marcus

Marcus Mariota

  Marcus Mariota is a talented quarterback, but he had been loose with the football for the last few games before the zero-interception game on this past Sunday. Mariota needs to continue that type of play along with making plays in the passing game. If he reverts back to the guy that had six turnovers in two games before this past Sunday, the Titans could have an issue. For the Titans’ sake, the multifaceted quarterback will be ready to rock and continue the style of play that Tennessee likes to see.



1) Can The Pressure Get There?

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins

If you have watched the Titans play, then you know they have issues getting to the quarterback. In this game, they have to get to the quarterback and get to him often. The more they are able to get to whatever quarterback Arizona throws out there, the more the interceptions will reign. Brian Orapko, Jurrell Casey and Derrick Morgan, this game is tailor-made for you. Will you all show up and show out? If they do, then watch out Cardinals.

2) Cardiac DBs

Kevin Byard 2

No, that isn’t the name of a new album or artist coming out, but it does represent the big plays the defensive backs of the Titans have made this season. Last game, Leshaun Sims made a huge play to seal the win. In this one, not only Sims but others will need to step up and show out when the opportunities come their way. Future All-Pro Kevin Byard should assert himself even more in this one, as he has become adept at baiting quarterbacks into interceptions.

3) Keep Tabs On Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald

The defensive backs definitely have to play well, but covering and handling Larry Fitzgerald is a team effort. The defensive backs and linebackers must communicate as Larry can run shallow, intermediate and deep routes all with equal excellence. The Titans must get hands on him in the five-yard area and also must rotate coverages his way a little more, as there are no other receivers that really scare the Titans. The more they are able to keep him at bay, the better the Titans chances are to win this game.

The West Coast Swing has started for the Tennessee Titans and it starts with the Arizona Cardinals. If the Titans want to make the playoffs, this game will be highly important for that playoff push. After all, they are not only battling for the playoffs but battling complacency knowing that they are playing a team that is not very good this season.

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