Tavon Wilson & Samone Leach; Moonlight, Stars, and Family Values

Seattle, WA- Detriot Lions’ Tavon Wilson has impacted his community on and off the field. When he is not suited up as a player, he is going to schools engagements, organizations and anywhere he can go, giving positive messages, advice, and helping others. Helping others has been a passion for Tavon and he enjoys watching the process and growth of how individuals that he has talked with overcome adversity and how they view him as a role model. “It makes me feel good. It’s really important to me. I have a lot of different things that I’ve dealt with in my life and I just try to be involved in those things. I also gain a lot from having an opportunity to spend time with a lot of different and getting to know their stories. It really helps you put into perspective of what’s important and what’s not,” said Tavon.


As of late Tavon has been busy with foundation and community events, and now he is getting ready to marry his best friend and beautiful fiance Samone Leach. Tavon and Samone speak highly of each other and have supported each other dreams. Some people thought that Tavon and Samone say love at first sight, but they would tell you that they were friends and it blossomed into something that intertwined both of them for eternity.

“When we were first started dating we lived far apart. Our relationship was really built a lot of conversation because we weren’t seeing each other a whole lot. Samone would visit for a couple days when she could or come to a game if I was near but both of us had our own lives at that point. We understood that and just tried to be there for each other in any other way that we could. We really got an opportunity to know each other and become really close. We were friends for about a year before we got together,” said  Samone

As their friendship grew into more of a relationship, both Tavon and Samone had to overcome the reality of long trips, loneliness, but they made it work.

” In the beginning, it was somewhat easy because it was just him and I. So when he had to take off for training camps workout sessions, and game days sometimes I was able to go and sometimes I wasn’t.  The times I did not go I missed him like crazy and counted down the days and hours until he came back home. Now having our boys it’s ALOT harder. The airport drops offs were a few kisses and see ya later between just the two of us, to now having to explain to our boys where Daddy is going and airport drop-offs have turned into a complete crying session. LOL to see our boys that way it definitely weighs heavy on me but it’s all for the best of our family. Thank God for technology we are able to communicate with him while he is away. We have our FaceTime sessions with him, the boys are playing and daddy is hyping them up and cheering them on like he is right there. That definitely helps a lot,” said Samone.

With the countdown to their wedding, both Tavon and Simone are pretty excited and can not wait until they bring the family in full circle. “YES I’m extremely excited about our wedding but I’m even more excited about our MARRIAGE! There was no exact moment that I knew he was the one for me. It’s something that happened over time. The more we spent time together, open communication, different experiences, our love was growing in a way that it was no way I was going to spend the rest of my life without him. He has helped me grow so much as a woman. His continuous love, support, compassion, and selflessness day in and out has been amazing and I am so grateful and I thank God he chose me to spend forever with,” said Samone

On the football field, Tavon has to deal with not only protecting himself from injury, but protecting others as well, but at times he finds it hard to do his job. “I think it’s great that they are taking a closer look at how our game is being played and how we can better our game. I’m all for that. I always do my best to play within all of the rules. From a competitive standpoint, it can be tough as a defender. Those are some really good players that we are expected to cover and tackle during the course of a game. We are in some tough spots and are faced with split-second decisions. It’s tough sometimes to stay within the strike zone. Obviously, I’m never trying to intentionally hit anyone above the strike zone. It’s just a challenge at times,” said Tavon.

With technology improving and so many player protocols when it comes to injuries it has decreased the number of concussions, but as any player that is passionate about playing football, they would say that it is the physicality of the sport and that is what Tavon feeds off of. He is a passionate person that goes out there and tries to rewrite the wrongs of the inner cities, unmotivated people, and bring back hope, happiness, and peace. With a supportive family that he has, a foundation of success, faith, and a wealth that goes beyond money is everything Tavon needs in order to be successful in everything that he does.






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