Super Bowl Coaches Press Conference

Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll wrapped up their final media appearances at the Super Bowl Coaches Press Conference today. The coaches were in a joking mood as they fielded questions ranging from the game plan to the similarities that they have as coaches. Both Carroll and Belichick have been the men that spearheaded the rebirth of their respective franchises.


Both of the coaches are ready for the game to start and are wrapping up their final details for the game. Belichick spoke about information and how some is more relevant. “We’ve talked about so many things over last couple weeks. There’s a lot of info but not everything is equally important.” Belichick said. Carroll spoke about finishing. “I’ve spent a lot of time and focus on finishing. Any great performer takes great pride in how they finish.” Carroll said.

One of the more interesting parts of the press conference was when the coaches took time to say what they admire the most about each other. Both of these coaches are very respectful of their opponent. Belichick talked about how the Seattle Seahawks play relentless football and compete during every second of the game. He feels that no other team in the NFL does that as well as the Seahawks. He said that the Seahawks are the model for teams because of how they compete from the opening kickoff to the last play.

Carroll was quick to point out how the New England Patriots have been a model of consistency over Belichick’s tenure. He pointed out how they have had so many first round byes and how they have been able to sustain success despite so many personnel changes and changes to the coaching staff. The way that the Patriots have done so well over such a long period of time is something that Carroll said he strives to copy.

Each coach took time to also talk about how passionate their fan base is. Both of them said that it starts from how connected and involved their owners are with the community. “Paul Allen has such a connection with the community. He brings a sense of community. He’s help us connect with our following.” Carroll continued; “Our 12s are so passionate. Paul Allen’s respect for the people and the area are really what has inspired them to be so connected.”

Belichick mentioned the passion that Bob Kraft brings on a regular basis. He said that Kraft has been an example of how they can reach out to the community. “He’s shown us the way given us paths to work with underprivileged groups in our area. It gives us strength to be the giver.”

The Super Bowl is now two days away. There will not be any more press conferences for the coaches to worry about. It’s all football from here on out. Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick are two great football minds that wouldn’t have it any other way.


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