The Steelers Offense Continues to Struggle against the Jaguars

Ben Roethlisberger led the offensive woes for the Steelers with arguably his worst single performance of his career. Big Ben threw for 312 yards, however his 5 interceptions were the highlight of box score today.

The Steelers run game was nonexistent against the worst rush defense in NFL. Le’Veon Bell only had 15 carries and average roughly 3 yards per carry. Big Ben had 55 passes attempts and only 19 total carries for all of the Steelers backs. With the Jaguars poor rush defense I would have thought the Steelers game plan would have incorporated the running game more. Although Bell didn’t have a spectacular game running the ball, he was vital in the passing game with 10 receptions, 46 yards, and 2 third down conversions. One positive note from todays was Antonio Brown’s fantastic performance: 10 receptions and 157 yards.

The defense had a solid outing until Leonard Fournette’s 90 yard touchdown run late in the 4th quarter. The secondary performed at an elite level today holding Jacksonville under 100 yards passing. Jacksonville’s rushing attack amounted to 231 yards, which doesn’t accurately represent the Steelers front 7’s performance due to 90 of those yards coming on Fournette’s last run. Even if you take out those 90 yards, the Jaguars rushing game totals to be 141 yards, which is far from the Steelers standard.

Next week the Steelers take on the best team in the league, Kansas City. The offense will have to make complete turnaround to be competitive in that contest. The Chiefs offense has the potential to light up the scoreboard and with the Steeler defensive struggles stopping the run, you can count on a touchdown or two from Kansas City’s star rookie running back Kareem Hunt.

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