All Stars of Giving Challenge seeks Nominees


From March 17 to May 1, 2014, millions of fans will vote in an interactive and innovative online campaign for the 2014 All Stars of Giving and help elect the sporting world’s Most Valuable Philanthropist.

Professional athletes and sports personalities will champion their favorite causes through their own websites and on social media to help 10 great nonprofit organizations win total prizes worth $100,000 and potentially much more. all stars of giving logo

Through 3 rounds of online voting, an initial group of 50 or more champions and their causes will be reduced to the top-10 All Stars (together with their respective causes). A selection committee will then determine and announce the Most Valuable Philanthropist at a Gala event in Chicago on June 9, 2014.

Each of the causes championed by the top-10 All Stars will receive an unrestricted grant for their favorite cause. The financial value of each grant will be proportionate to the number of votes each All Star receives in the final round of voting. Fans may help increase the total prize value with their own tax-deductible contributions.

But first, they need some nominees for that vote…

How can I Nominate My Favorite Athlete?

Anyone can nominate a qualified athlete or sports personality so act quickly to be the first to nominate your favorite. Here’s how it works: - The initial group of champions will be selected through a public nomination process.

The nomination process is open to fans, friends, family, team mates. Everyone! Just tell us why you think this athlete should be named 2014′s Most Valuable Philanthropist - Qualified nominees are professional athletes and/or sports personalities who are official spokespersons for, or who otherwise publically champion, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization .

Nominees will be contacted and informed of your nomination. Each one will be asked to submit additional information on the cause that she or he supports – After the nomination period ends on March 10, 2014 a ballot of qualified nominees from the nomination process will be posted.  Then, through a series of voting rounds, the public will narrow it down to 10 finalists (the “All Stars of Giving”) whose non-profit causes will receive an award.

To nominate an athlete, click here and click on the Nominate and Athlete Button. all stars of giving

What Are The Benefits of Participating?

In addition to sharing in any funds that are donated by fans and corporate sponsors during the Challenge, the winner of the Most Valuable Philanthropist Award will receive a $100,000 media grant customized for the benefit of the winner’s cause of choice, provided by PVBLIC, enabling unprecedented access to public media channels. We are also negotiating corporate sponsorships to create additional cash prizes for each of the causes supported by the top-ten All Stars! Please read the campaign’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more important information about the Challenge, nominations, voting, donations, distributions, and other related things. all sports logo

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