Seahawks Bennett Compares Media Day to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

In what might be the quote of Super Bowl XLVIII week thus far, (granted it’s only Monday, bear with me) Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett told reporters that he felt “It’s just like being in the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory right now,” Bennett said.  “All I see is cameras, lights and chocolates,” Bennett added.

When another reporter asked him to clarify, Bennett responded by saying “I see some chocolate ladies.”

Other members of the Seahawks were a little more clear when answering questions from reporters on Monday.  One of the most popular subjects of questions has been the inclement weather that will potentially impact MetLife stadium Sunday.  One man that could care less about the weather is Seattle’s head coach Pete Carroll.

“It’s not something that we’re bothered by,” Carroll said.  “The normal issues arise…but for us, it’s no big deal.”  Golden Tate showed little interest in Sunday’s forecast as well.  “At the end of the day it’s football,” Golden Tate said.  “You might have weather and you might not.  We’ll see.”

Another hot topic revolving around the Super Bowl and the Seahawks is the “Legion of Boom” and what it means to the group of Seattle’s defensive backs to be a part of said ‘Legion’.  “It’s a brotherhood,” strong safety Kam Chancellor said Monday.  “It just shows how tight of a unit we are.  How close we are and how connected we are…we hold each other to a high standard.”


One thing the “Legion of Boom” certainly doesn’t lack is intensity.  When asked if he feeds off of intimidating his opponents, Chancellor said “It’s like a rage through the body and I just feel everything.  All of the emotion coming out just makes me want to keep hitting harder.”

From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to the “Legion of Boom,” Seattle’s youthful exuberance did not end there.  When asked about his favorite part of playing with quarterback Russell Wilson, receiver Golden Tate said “For me, it’s kind of like playing backyard football.”  Tate clarified this analogy because if Seattle’s play breaks down, he knows all he has to do is get open and Wilson will keep the play alive long enough to find him.


“He can extend the play with his legs…just find a way to get open [and he'll find you],” Tate added.

A common theme of the Seahawks media day on Monday and throughout the 2013 season was team camaraderie.  Chancellor referred to his fellow “Legion of Boom” members as brothers.  Bennett said “We all just play for each other.”  When asked about his first impressions of Russell Wilson, Tate had this to say ” I definitely thought he was smaller than other quarterbacks, but I’m smaller than most receivers, so I can feel him.”

Team chemistry is often overlooked in the NFL and other professional sports.  Usually general managers assemble teams according to salary caps and rosters on paper.  This Seahawks team seems to have a different feel to it, and when a team can truly mesh off the field, special things tend to happen on the field.

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