Saints Ready to Roll

As the Saints go marching back into camp at Airline Drive, Drew Brees is at the head of the table giving out his thoughts to what you should expect to see. Whether it be the rookies coming in for their first time or the veterans that have been there before, everyone seems to be on the same page with getting camp underway.

When asked about the defense and what it’s like to compete against them, Brees stated, “Camp, I think, is a lot of fun. Especially the opportunity to compete against your own defense for a four to five week period where you really start to know each other really well.

“You have to game plan extremely well and be in tune with what you are doing to pull one over on the defense. They are thinking the same thing defensively, how can they make something look a little bit different, disguise something, put something in the plan that might throw us for a loop.”

Drew Brees talks 2012 after his record-setting 2011 season

Brees is very optimistic with the new defensive scheme brought about by Saints new defensive specialist Steve Spagnuolo.  Brees went on to say, “As much respect that I have for him in the times that we have played against him in our past and knowing the mindset and the scheme that he brings, this is going to be a great camp… an extremely competitive camp. By the end of it, we will have really thrown a lot at each other.”

This can only help Brees even more, who is coming off of a stellar season leading the NFL with his passing game and breaking Dan Marino’s ancient record for passing yards in a season.

The Saints could be a different team this year under new interim coach Joe Vitt due to the suspension of Sean Payton. Brees was asked about this and stated, “Every little thing like the start of a meeting when you are used to Sean getting up even just to run the schedule. He had a great way of telling a story to teach a lesson, or draw an analogy in order to teach you something. That is one of his great strengths as a communicator. You miss that. You can’t replace that.

“I think Joe Vitt is doing a phenomenal job. Joe Vitt has been here since we have been here. We all know him very well. We all know the type of coach he is. We all know his intensity. We know what he expects out of us. I think as we go along here, we will continue to adjust. It is different.”

Brees and the Saints are looking to get back to their winning ways this season as they start off their first preseason game at the Hall of Fame against the Arizona Cardinals. They are hoping to keep all their running backs healthy, unlike last year where there was a revolving door due to minor injuries to Mark Ingram and Chris Ivory.  When Brees was asked about the issue he stated, “Each one of those guys has a place and a role and certain strengths that we want to be able to utilize.”

It looks like the Saints are already on a clear path in route to another successful season.


By Alec Short

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