Richard Sherman Professes Perpetual Praise for Prodigious Patriots

Many believe Richard Sherman to be a supremely intelligent, loquacious, vainglorious cornerback who is incapable of expressing respect for his contemporaries. However, Sherman’s ability to lucidly articulate his thoughts like few other are capable of has gone a long way toward annulling the aforementioned theory.

Richard Sherman

Descriptors such as haughty and cavalier have been used when discussing Sherman. He utilized his platform during Wendesday’s media session to graciously explain to reporters that extreme confidence is merely a prerequisite to compete at the cornerback position.

“… You have to always expect to make the big play and expect yourself to be in great coverage,” Sherman said. “… If you really went inside the heads of 99 percent of the corners in the league, they believe they’re the best in the game. It’s not arrogance – it’s just necessity.”

Throughout Super Bowl week, Sherman has consistently voiced his respect and admiration for his opponent, which hasn’t always been his strong suit. The always-introspective cornerback has grown from his past fracases with his foes through the media, and has done nearly everything possible to avoid conflict.

When asked about his feelings on Patriots’ cornerback Darrelle Revis saying he couldn’t learn anything by watching tape of Sherman, Sherman essentially took the high road.

“I don’t really have a reaction to that, that’s fine,” Sherman said. “… There’s things you can learn from everybody. I learn things from our practice squad players to Earl Thomas – I think everybody has a unique style about their game that you can put into your game. …”

Sherman was baited again when asked about LeGarrette Blount telling the media that the Seahawks were not immortal and couldn’t tackle him. Sherman replied,

 “Yeah, I’m not immortal. One day I will pass away. He is perfectly right about that. He said we can’t tackle him? That’s an opinion. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. That’s perfectly fine.”

After Sherman’s subtle razzing of Blount regarding the misuse of the word “immortal” the Seahawks’ superstar had apparently met his quota on witty responses for the day. A good portion of his remaining time with the media was spent praising the Patriots. When asked about what stands out when he watch the Patriots on film, Sherman said,

“Their variety. … They change their gameplan every week and they fit it to their opponent, but they do have a tremendous amount of variety week-in and week-out. You rarely see them challenge teams with the same combination of routes. You rarely see them challenge teams with the same run game.

“For example, usually you see San Francisco runs the power. In week two, San Francisco’s going to run power. In Week eight, San Francisco’s going to run power. The Patriots can run power in week one, the bend play, in week two, zone read in week three, counters in week four, and that kind of variety keeps a defense on edge because it’s a lot to prepare for.”

Sherman also took to time to speak glowingly of Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady among others.

Some fans and members of the media may feel as though Sherman’s continual growth is simply a façade. His comments throughout Super Bowl week might even be dismissed as nothing more than platitudes commonly associated with the Patriots and their opponents. But there is nothing fraudulent with regards to how he feels about the Patriots. Sherman’s respect for the Patriots runs deep, and it’s unlikely he’ll provide a quip that gives his opposition bulletin board material


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