Rams lose by double digits to vendetta stricken Saints

A match up unlike any other took to the field inside the Superdome. The top ranked New Orleans Saints offense and the top ranked Los Angeles Rams defense were set to meet on the field multiple times.

Whenever coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams meet there is tension on the field. Since Williams parted ways with the Saints after the Bountygate incident, there has been bad blood.

This was an important game for both teams because they are matched in their record, 4-6, and desperately need a win.

Drew Brees began his NFL career when Jared Goff was in the first grade. This is a literal meeting of the veteran and the rookie.

The Rams had the opening drive and Goff delivered his first NFL touchdown of his career in less than three minutes into the game to Tavon Austin.

The crowd and announcers were both astounded by the quick drive and the consistent movement of the team up the field.

It took another Rams drive and two Saints drives for Brees to make a touchdown to tie the game up before the end of the first quarter. He connected with Brandon Coleman for a endzone shotgun pass.

Aaron Donald snuck through the pocket and forced a fumble on Brees for a Rams recovery in the red zone.

Goff, moments later, through for a touchdown to one of his favored receivers Kenny Britt giving the Rams the lead yet again.

Even though Brees took at least three hard tackles, he didn’t let them phase him, he marched his team down the field for another Saints touchdown to tie the game up once again in the second quarter. Mark Ingram ran the ball in for his first touchdown of the game.

Ingram was questionable to play this game because of concussion protocol from a hit last game against the Carolina Panthers.

Quarterback pressure and a collapsed pocket once again forced a fumble, but this time Goff was the target. Paul Kruger recovered the ball for the Saints in the red zone.

Brees didn’t want to mess up this touchdown for his team, so he jumped over the line and got that rushing touchdown and a hit from Alec Ogletree.

For the first time this game the Saints led 21-14 with 7:46 left in the half.

Late in the second quarter, Brees connects with Josh Hill for one of the longest runs of the game thus far. On the play, Ethan Westbrooks on the Rams was injured and was questionable to return.

Two plays later Brees connected with Michael Thomas for another passing touchdown to extend the Saints lead over the Rams to 28-14.

With the Saints getting the ball at the start of the third quarter, Goff knew he had to reduce the lead the Saints currently had.

He rushed the ball down the field and connected with Lance Kendricks for a touchdown to bring the score to a one possession difference.

Brees attempted to increase the lead with :55 left in the half, but it didn’t pan out and the Rams did their job to prevent another score.

At the start of the third Ingram made a 61-yard run after breaking through a hole in the line with no Rams defensive player in sight.

Brees gets sacked for a loss of six, but makes another pass to Ingram with yet again no Rams’ in sight for a 21-yard touchdown.

Goff made a bad decision to throw to Kendricks instead of Austin and the result was an interception by Kenny Vaccaro.

After the ball exchanged possession between the teams because of the failure to convert on a third down, Brees led his team down the field again and gained another touchdown with Thomas.

Both a personal and business influenced game left Goff and Brees and the defense of both teams needing to play strong and hard.

Rookie Tommylee Lewis loses the ball on a punt return and it was almost recovered by Rams Michael Thomas, but he also lost the ball and it is ultimately recovered by the Saints.

Brees threw to Willie Snead who then passed long to Tim Hightower who was wide open for a touchdown giving the Saints a 21-point lead.

Benny Cunningham had an amazing punt return of 61 yards from a kick by Wil Lutz of 68-yards.

This game was a play of the defense of the Rams and the offense of the Saints because of years old problems between coaches and coordinators. Rookie Goff, who is still in the process of proving himself, is being judged harshly on something he has no control over.

The Saints offense is embarrassing the Rams for what happened with Williams, they turned it into a personal vendetta.

In the Saints were victoriousin a 49-21 win over the Rams.

Will this effect Jeff Fisher’s decision to continue to let Goff start?

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