Pro Athletes Ignore Backlash, Show True Political Colors

Pro Player Insider LaMar Campbell recently wrote an article for CNN exploring the use of social media by professional athletes to support ideas and platforms they believe in.

The sports world is evolving much the way the world is adjusting to social media and new ideas. This new age of athletes are willing to use their social status to influence the political and cultural landscape. Change is constant, but growth is optional. Social media has united athletes and fans in a way that not many other avenues can. You may not always agree with the stance of your favorite athlete, but at least these days they have an opinion, and it seems they are willing to let the world know.

These days, famous athletes are open with their views without any fear of backlash. Tim Tebow appeared in an anti-abortion commercial with his mother and is very active on Twitter discussing his faith. In the spring, the Miami Heat players, in a show of solidarity during the Trayvon Martin shooting investigation, united for a hooded photo honoring Martin’s memory. To read the full story click here.

LaMar played for the Detroit Lions from 1998 to 2005 and hosts an internet radio show “Life After The Game” on Voice America Sports. He is a member of the NFLPA Atlanta Chapter and currently resides in Atlanta.

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