Prince is the theme for Super Bowl 52

The theme for this years SuperBowl is Purple, which in the Minnesota town represents the musical genius, Prince. Prince was more than an icon, but hope for a better environment. His music has influenced the works of artists like Just Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, and others. He paved the way for an artist to just be themselves and just enjoy the strings of music.

Prince in concert, Welcome To America Tour, Madison Square Garden, New York, America - 18 Jan 2011

” He was a musical genius that just wanted to impact everyone with good soulful music said a local resident. “He was what we needed at that time and he came and impacted people than what we realized. He was just a special person that cared for everyone. Even though he has passed on, his music will always be something that gets everyone in a positive mood.”

People are excited that the Super Bowl will be hosted in their hometown. It has been a cold one, but the excitement of the Super Bowl has kept fans in a frenzy. With the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots coming into town, a  lot of fans have been creatively involved in how each team has excited them. A lot of locals in town does not like how the Eagles’ fans treated them after the Vikings lost the game. “I felt like it was disrespectful and tasteless. Fans were throwing things at people and that is just not right,” said locals.

It should be interesting to see the outcome of the game, but what will J.T perform during the halftime special. Stayed tuned for the entirety of the game.

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