Prediction NFL Week 2: Dallas Cowboys vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Week one has come and gone. Glimpses of all 32 teams were seen: the good, bad and awful. Many story lines follow the highly anticipated week one games, such as rookie quarterback Geno Smith leading a 4th quarter charge, or the Philadelphia Eagles fast paced offense dominating in the capital city. So what might week two of the NFL season bring us?

Dallas quarterback Tony RomoThe Dallas Cowboys looked confident against the New York Giants on Sunday night, as they managed to come away with the victory and hold a 1-0 record for the year. The Cowboys, however, did look a bit sloppy with some improvements to be made. What does Dallas need to work on in preparation for the game in Kansas City?

The Cowboys need to keep turning the ball over like they did in week one. Of course, six turnovers would be ideal, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. If the Cowboys can manage to come away with two turnovers this upcoming week, that should be considered a success for the defense. This might not be as easy as it sounds though. The Chiefs are in a re-building process. With newly acquired quarterback Alex Smith calling the plays, they shouldn’t have too much struggle, but there will always be miscommunication among the receivers and QB when you have a new head coach, and a new quarterback. This is where the Cowboys need to take advantage and turn the ball over.

Another thing that will play out well for the Cowboys, if properly executed, is stopping Jamaal Charles. Charles has turned into one of the most explosive running backs in the league today. It also doesn’t help that the Chiefs bolster a strong offensive line. If the Cowboys can manage to keep the Kansas City running back under 50 yards, then they shouldn’t have a problem as far as the run game is concerned.

Last but not least, is the Dallas Cowboys offense in general. Why it may be apparent that defense wins championships, you need a productive offense too. The Dallas Cowboys need to march on the field this Sunday and be absolutely explosive. However, in order to be explosive, you need to get the ball to your playmaker, who in this case is Dez Bryant. Last Sunday, Bryant had a less than stellar game, coming down with only four catches for a total of 22 yards and no touchdowns. Of course, getting the ball to Dez won’t be easy under any circumstances, as it is likely he will be covered by Kansas City’s top corner back Brandon Flowers. One mistake by Flowers and Dez could make him pay.

Can the Cowboys go 2-0 this Sunday against the newly reorganized Kansas City Chiefs? Tune in to the game this Sunday at 1pm ET and see if they can!

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