Dawn Digs Redskins Mrs. Stephen Bowen’s Swag

Dawn Neufeld  knows what she likes; and she definatly digs fellow NFL wife, Mrs.Tiffany Bowen’s style, fashion, personality and overall swag. Bowen is wife of Redskin’s defensive end playing in the playoffs this weekend. Listen to interview to check out more of her favorite things as Pro Player Insiders Theresa Villano hits her with PPI’s Fire Five.

PPI’s Fire Five with Dawn Neufeld: 

 1. Favorite Dallas Restaurant

Dawn Neufeld: Marquee Bar and Grill! It is on Highland Park Village in Dallas. Owned by Tre Wilcox who was on Top Chef.

(The Village Theatre’s Marquee  Bar & Grill serves double duty as the bar’s balcony providing our guest the best view in Highland Park. The kitchen is led by Top Chef All-Star, Tre Wilcox and features a progressive New American menu, as well as wood fired steaks, chops and seafood.)

2. Favorite place to hang in Dallas?

 Dawn Neufeld: I was going to say Marquee Bar and Grill in Dallas. They have great cocktails. Gosh where do I like to hang? I wouldn’t say there is a spot.  There is always an event going on in Dallas! I feel it’s more of who you’re hanging out with that defines the culture in Dallas.

3. Who is a fellow football wife that you think has swag?

Dawn Neufeld: Tiffany Bowen (Pictured Below with husband Stephen Bowen, a Defensive End for the Washington Redskins)! She always looks fab and I adore her to death!I miss her. They were here in Dallas last year and they picked up and moved. I was sad and kind of a bummer, but I love me some Tiffany.

4.  Your favorite current NFL player?

Dawn Neufeld: Jason Witten, Cowboys of course it is my hometown team. We have had contacts with him through “Teammates for Kid’s” which is Garth Brook’s Foundation. He (Whitten) also has a foundation here in Dallas working with local kids. His off the field character is what I think is absolutely amazing.

5. What song is on the most played on your iPod?

Dawn Neufeld: Alicia Keys- “On Fire”. After a long day, I throw this song on and it’s what I need to get me in the gym.


(Lyrics: She’s just a girl and she’s on fire.Hotter than a fantasy, lonely  like a highway.She’s living in a  world and it’s on fire. Filled with  catastrophe, but she know she can fly away. Oh,  she got both feet on the ground. And  she’s burning it down. Oh, she got  her head in the clouds. And  she’s not backing down. Chorus: This girl is on fire. This girl is on fire. She’s walking on fire. This girl is on fire. Read more Lyrics: ALICIA KEYS – GIRL ON FIRE LYRICS )


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