Saints DE Cam Jordan S/O to Teammate Will Smith

Standing at 6’4, this Defensive End has been a strong player for the Saints, getting 8 sacks this season.  Cameron Jordan, The Saint’s top pick in the 2011 draft, chatted with Pro Player Insiders at Will Smith’s Where there’s a Will theres a Way and Wendell Pierce’s Pontchartrian Park Neighborhood Association Foundations VIP Event.  Although frustrated he and the Saints didn’t play in the post season, he shares with us his reasons for supporting the two charities and his plans for next year’s Super Bowl.

PPI:  Tell us about what you’ve been doing in New Orleans since you got here for the Super Bowl.

Cameron Jordan: Honestly since I got here, I’ve just been getting my apartment in order for all my friends who are coming in this week.  I was still upset that our season didn’t make it into the Post-Season, so when I left [for Arizona], I left in whirl wind, so I didn’t really clean up the place afterwards,.  I came back early to straighten up and get ready for the Super Bowl and enjoy last week’s Mardi Gras festivities.

PPI: Mardi Gras sounds like it was fun.  Now tell us how you came to be at this event?

Cameron Jordan:  At this event, I’m supporting Will and his cause.  Just being around the community makes you want to be involved within the community.  I love to be there.

PPI:  What’s it like to be supporting a charity?

Cameron Jordan:  At any time, supporting charity for any given cause, you have to feel some sort of justification to why you want to do something.  So for me, it’s always just to [support] the people within the community.

PPI:   Where will you be for the Super Bowl Game?

Cameron Jordan:  Not in the Super Bowl.  If we’re not playing the Super Bowl or if I don’t have a familiar person that’s close to me playing in the Super Bowl, I’m not going to be there.  I’m sort of bitter right now… maybe when it’s all said and done I can go, but not any time soon.

PPI: Well maybe we could go party in the streets with everyone else, watch it from a bar with a really big TV?

Cameron Jordan:  No Way!  I’m just going to look forward to next year, so when we storm into New York and play in the Super Bowl- with the Saints winning it… so i can finally get a ring. …So I can be like Will [Smith].  I just want to be like Will. (smiling)

PPI: That sounds perfect!

Interview by Emma Roll

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