Plenty to See in Houston Leading Up to Super Bowl

A city of well over two million people, Houston just got a little bit bigger with Super Bowl LI coming to town. This will be the third time in Houston’s history that the city will be graced with the presence of the Super Bowl; the previous two times took place in 1974 and 2004. It is well known that everything is bigger in Texas, and the Super Bowl and the week leading up to it are no exceptions. In a week filled with concerts, NFL Play 60, player appearances, and NFL sponsored event after event Super Bowl week in Houston looks to go down as an all-time great celebration with the big game being the icing on top of it all.

The benefit of the Super Bowl coming to Houston goes well beyond simply the fun and games that are provided for the casual fan wandering around Super Bowl week. In early estimates, it is projected that Super Bowl LI will bring in somewhere around 350 million dollars in revenue to the city of Houston, with money going to the city for tax purposes, as well as private businesses such as hotels, Ubers, restaurants, and so on. Perhaps the biggest benefit that is easily overlooked is simply all the jobs it has been able to provide to the Houstonians in need.

“I am volunteering here so this is simply awesome, it brings in more people, more businesses, a lot more job opportunities for people and the ability to network,” explained Crystal, a volunteer from Richmond, Texas. For the week of the game, Houston will be employing over 10,000 volunteers to assist in the running of all of the events.

The biggest event for fans leading up to the big game itself is undoubtedly the NFL Experience Driven By Genesis. Taking place in and around the George R. Brown Convention center from January 28th until the big game, this interactive fan event has everything a fan of football could wish for. This interactive experience features exhibits, autograph signings, games, food, and simply good times for all that attend. People from all ages are welcome to take part in the numerous games whether it is testing out your precision passing at the FedEx Air Challenge or your leg at the Play Football Field Goal Kick. Throughout the week of events, game will be available to the public as well as flag-football games being played on a full turf field inside of the convention center for the youth to play on. For those more inclined on the history of the game, exhibits have been put in place highlighting some of the greats of the game including past championship teams, specifically the 1997 NFC Champion Green Bay Packers led by a young Brett Favre. For those willing to wait in line a must see event is the Vince Lombardi trophy, which is on full display for the crowd to view.

What is going on inside of the convention center is nearly on the beginning of what this week is only about. Outside those doors opens you up to even more as streets of Houston have been closed off for concerts, barriers of food trucks, and exhibits indulging you in the history and culture of Houston. From the NASA exhibits regarding space travel to the live performers, and even the young kids playing on a basketball court turned turf football field there is excitement for all as Houston does not look to provide not even one dull moments for the fans in attendance. A full week of events lined up from the Houston Host Committee includes a week full of Super Bowl Live, media day taking place in Minute Maid Park, the Players party, charity events, as well as numerous concerts including a performance Bruno Mars.

Those fans in attendance have had no problem showing their team colors as the Houston faithful have come out in full force representing their Texans pride as a wave of blue and red could be seen throughout the showcases. The representation of the rest of the NFL was certainly clear however as Patriots, Falcons, Packers, and even Steelers jerseys made their way through the crowd showing truly a melting pot of NFL fandom. “It’s not the Texans so, not a fan of Brady so probably got to be rooting for Atlanta,” Crystal also mentioned in regard to her fandom for the Super Bowl since her beloved Texans will not be playing. All in all leading up to the big game in Houston fans will have plenty to do as the NFL Live Experience is a must see event.

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