Philadelphia Beat-Down

It’s looking like panic mode for Arizona Cardinal fans, as their team took a serious beat-down this last week. Not only were they absolutely demolished by Carson Wentz and the Eagles 34-7, but now tensions are rising offensively and defensively. Offensively it’s plain and simple, the offensive line for the Arizona Cardinals is the worst in the NFL because they simply can’t run the football and thus makes the Cardinals offense one dimensional. Obviously, the Offense is not producing therefor they’re constantly putting the Defense in a horrible position to make plays and keep them in the game.

Palmer walks off the field after another 3 and out.


Throughout the early Sunday morning game in Philadelphia the eagles absolutely thrashed the Cardinals – from Offense to Defense the Cardinals were completely ineffective. Even without star Defensive Tackle Fletcher Cox the Philadelphia Eagles were still able to make Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer uncomfortable all afternoon long. After many 3 and outs on offense it seemed as if the Eagles were always starting off in decent field position and giving our defense no chance to defend. Although, the Cardinals have an elite defense -in my opinion- it seemed like they had collectively given up. This allowed Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz to take advantage of a sluggish defense and completed 21 of 30 passes with 304 yards and 4 touchdowns. Overall the Cardinals were decimated.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Jeffery Slices through the lethargic Cardinal Defense.


It’s time to call it as it is, the Cardinals are an awful football team. To put this into perspective, the Cardinals now own a record of (2-3) and their only two wins come from an Andrew Luckless Colts franchise and a rebuilding San Francisco 49ers team. Even though the Cardinals are only one game out of first place in the NFC West. Without a real offensive line there is no way Carson Palmer finishes this season injury free. While the Cardinals offensive line is terrible it’s not actually their number one concern. Their biggest worry is likely their many injuries, it seems like every week a key player is going down for the Cardinals. Head Coach Bruce Arians “next man up” mentality is a great motto, but at some point the Cardinals will run out of bodies to put onto the field.



With the addition of Adrian Peterson from the Saints on Tuesday, at least Cardinal fans know that their team is still fighting and aren’t throwing in the towel yet. This Sunday the Cardinals will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and face what could be the best offense that they have seen yet.  Hopefully newly acquired Cardinal Adrian Peterson can create a spark for the Cardinals Running game.

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