Percy Harvin Values Seahawks Unmatched Camaraderie

Percy Harvin WR for the Seattle Seahawks may have been muted this year due to injury but Harvin is good to go for the Super Bowl. Frankly, he is dying to get on the field and support his team in the world championship. “To win the Super Bowl would definitely just be a dream come true. As far as this season me being back and forth, I’m not really looking it at it that way. I’m looking at we got to the Super Bowl and I’m glad to be part of this team and gearing up to play a game. I’m not really worrying about the past games that I missed and the time I missed. I’m here now, I’m healthy and I’m ready to go.”Super Bowl Media day

Harvin believes that  his teams close knit mentality has truly played a huge role in Seattle’s success. His passion came out when he spoke of how much he values his friendships with his teammates and notes this bond is what makes the Hawks special.

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Theresa Villano of Pro Player Insiders caught up with him at Media Day at Prudential Stadium.

PPI: Tell me about the undeniable chemistry on the Seahawks. I just saw Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin come up to you. Tell me about those friendships.


Percy Harvin: Man this chemistry has been unbelievable. I just think from the front office on down, everyone has a good time and hangs out with each other. The coaches hang out, we have cook outs at each other’s houses all of the time. It’s  just crazy! I’ve never experienced anything like this. We have fun at practice, we play music, we dance. We do everything together. It’s just a great chemistry from the top on down to the bottom.

PPI: It’s obviously the Hawks hang outside of the locker room. Who specifically comes over to your house to play video games. (chuckles)?

PH: Bruce, pretty much all the receivers. That’s all we do, we go to each others houses and hang out after practice.

Super Bowl Media day

PPI: On top of the support of  your teammates Harvin you talked about the support of your mother. How has she been there for you?

PH: “I would definitely say, without a question, my mom has been there. She has been the driving force of me since I was younger. She has played a big part in just helping me out this season and staying focused and controlling the things that I can control. It would be no question, my mom.

With his teammates and mother along for the ride, Harvin’s run game will not be overlooked this Sunday. Pete Carroll put it quite nicely, “He’s in. He had another great day today and a great week last week. He’s part of the game plan.”


Percy Harvin




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