Behind the Scenes with Steelers’ Will Allen, aka “Frenchy”

Pro Player Insider’s Theresa Villano was able to catch up with Steelers’s #26 Will Allen. In Part I of Allen’s interview he spoke of some life changing stories behind his foundation, volunteering, teammate Troy Polamalu’s hair, and the Steelers’ season thus far. Now,in Part 2, we dive into Will’s behind the scenes insights into the Steelers locker room. We will also find out some of his favorite spots in Pittsburgh.


Steelers Locker Room Insights:

PPI: Which one of your teammates has the cleanest or messiest locker?

WA: By far I have the cleanest locker in the locker room. I am so anal and I am a stickler. Everything has to be clean. I probably have the cleanest locker which is always stocked with hand sanitizer and Lysol spray. I spray it to keep away the germs. I get my helmet and shoulder pads sanitized and cleaned every week.

PPI: Are you one of those Guys that has hand sanitizer clipped to your key chain right now (chuckle)?

WA: NO, but it is definitely in my car. I always have some around!

PPI: The equipment managers must hate you?

WA: They actually love me. They really don’t have to worry about me because I clean up after myself.

WA (cont.): The messiest would be Adrian Robinson. I remind him every week to keep his locker clean. I give him a hard time about it every week, because he is a rookie. It seems to be working. I tell him, “Take care of little things off the field and you’re more responsible for the bigger things.” I tell him, “the little things and discipline will transfer into taking care of things on the field.” It’s all carry over…it’s the small things (chuckle).

PPI: I will tweet that to Adrian Robinson (glad he is making locker room improvements).

PPI: On game day…who shows up (on the Steelers) in freshest gear, all bossed up?

WA: For away games, it has to be between Ryan Clark and Ryan Mundy. I am a distant third. Ryan Clark really steps his game completely up. He deserves to be in GQ magazine, I am going to be honest, as the best dressed in sports. He is talented in his creativity with his suits, very sleek and simple. He sets trends but is also very classy.

PPI: Why are you only the third best dressed?

WA: I am third. I have a different style. They call me “Frenchy” because I have an Italian European type swag about my dress. So everyone on the team calls me “Frenchy” Haha… that’s just what they call me, like I am from Paris.

PPI: Which player has most swag in the NFL?

WA: Ike Taylor! Ike Taylor has the most swag. His nick name is “Ike swag in you.” Ike is swagged out. He wears that bandana across his face like he is ready to go smoke sombeody, you know. He is swagged out in everything he does. Everything he does is about swag and confidence. Ike Taylor – nobody touches him.

PPI: You should have Ike speak in some of your foundation’s after school programs. Let’s get him there.

WA: I might have him speak about self confidence.

PPI: Which teammate can we find you kickin’ it with on Friday or playing Call of Duty / video games online with?

WA: Well, I don’t play video games. I enjoy ping pong, pool, cards, and chess. I really hang with everybody, but you can find the DBs usually together. The DB’s are a really close group.


Theresa’s PPI FIRE 5 with Steeler’s Will Allen:

1. Food- What is your favorite resturant in Pittsburgh?

Capital Grill

Check out Will’s Favorite spot:


2. Music- Heard you liked Two chains (not T Pain?). Can you sing a line from one of his tracks?

All I want for my birthday…I can’t say the rest.

3. Hair- Who is your barber in Pittsburgh ? How many time a week do you get lined up?

My barber in Pittsburgh is Jamel. I see Jamel every 2 weeks and I get a line up. Cut my own hair sometimes and other guys on the team as well.


4. Fashion- What store have you been frequenting or brand you been rockin’ these days, Will?

I like a small boutique store outside of Pittsburgh called 412 Boutique. I also get a lot of my clothes from Young and Reckless and Five Four with Rob Derdek and Drama. I know those guys very well out of LA. They are a really good group of guys out there in California. Those two clothing brands are under the same label with different styles of clothing but I wear a lot of Young and Reckless and Five Four stuff.

Check out Will’s Favorite Clothing:

5. Fill in the blank the first thing Will Allen does when he wakes up in the morning is_____________?

I thank the Lord Jesus for another day, another breath, another chance to walk, another chance to impact people and another chance to be used by him. I am just really thankful for another day. That’s the very first thing I do when I wake up. Then I go brush my teeth (chuckles).


We have to add a sixth question…

6. One word to describe Lindsey Waterhouse (your PR specialist)? Cool


Stay tuned Steelers Nation, Pro Player Insiders will continue to share Will Allen’s community work with fans.

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