Pancho Billa a True Bills Fan

My name is Ezra Castro, known to the Best team in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills as Pancho Billa!  I’m from Texas, YUP, born and raised in El Paso TEXAS and been a Bills fan since I was 6 years old, 1985.

My Papa (dad) allowed me to choose a team at that age (Of course he wanted me to be a Cowboy fan) and I wanted a team with the Mexican Flag colors (mind you, I was born in El Paso, TX and I saw the Mexican Flag every day when I was dropped off for school). Well at that age, I didn’t realize there wasn’t a team with those colors. So I went red/white/blue, Patriots (which I disliked the logo) or Bills?!

Well after 28 years of wide right!!, we should’ve  had it!!, why?, are you serious!!?, Yes!!!…..NO!!!, COME ON!!, where is my heart medicine?, who’d we draft?, yup, 4 times, I know…, You got to be kidding me!!, yes mother, I’m ok even though we lost, love you too mom and plenty of silent prayers to the NFL Gods, I’m still a proud Texas native Buffalo Bills Fan!

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All these up and downs have taught me many life lessons. If you get knocked down, you stand up and ask for more till you do the knocking.  It wasn’t fun attending middle school after the 4th Super Bowl loss, but I did, head up high and proud of my team and their accomplishments.

All the years lead to the build up to Pancho Billa. I found it in me to support the team, win or lose, to help others benefit from this wonderful life we’ve been given.  Who would have ever imagined, a Hispanic Bills fan from El Paso, who never knew where New York was till he was 8 or 9 years old! I can be found at several games throughout the year.

Traveling to watch the Bills is my hobby. My unique character brings out the love I have for the sport, the Bills and my Hispanic background.  A custom made Bills Sombrero, Bills luchador mask, Bills jeans and a Bills poncho.  You can find me revving up the crowds at games and putting smiles on fans faces when I’m asked to take a photo, even the opponent’s fans.

I also work with various charities throughout the US to contribute to the surrounding communities.  The most recent charity is Bea’s Kids, whose charity assists less fortunate children in the Dallas, TX area to further their education and succeed in life.  The DFW Bills Backers holds yearly raffles for Bea’s.

I also am a proud supporter of Fans Against Child Abuse and Fans Against Violence campaigns. My proudest moment as a Bills fan has to be when I was given the honor to be placed amongst other fans and represent the team, with the same mentality as me in PFUFA.  I was inducted to the Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association in 2011.

Our Mission is TO PROMOTE THE FELLOWSHIP OF ALL FANS, ENCOURAGE SPORTSMANSHIP AND SUPPORT CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES. I’m a proud member and a proud father to my son Ginobili E. Castro aka Panchito and hopefully I can pass the same values to him.  “Fans are not born, they are made.” Pancho Billa was made.  I don’t need a seat, I’d much rather stand up and cheer for my team.

VIVA LOS BILLS!!! By Ezra Castro AKA Pancho Billa

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