P.K. Sam: New Beginning

P.K. Sam here, finally back at it again! It’s been about a year and a half since I last wrote anything. Getting over the writer’s block was way harder than I thought. I’m 30 years old now and like most retired players I feel like I still have another five years left in me, until I do some crazy workout like I’m 22 and feel it for the next three days, LOL.

PK sam kids

So what am I doing now? I get that question from fans who still remember my name. More for stuff I did in college but I get a few NFL fans too like my old neighbor who loves the Dolphins even though he’s from Ohio. Well, the answer is LIVIN! Yeah I know it supposed to have a “G” on it. But my old teammate and friend Blake Costanzo would say it this way in his Jersey voice and it had a different ring to it.

pk sam kids 350As athletes we are trained to stay in the moment. Don’t worry about the past and don’t look into the future. Just worry about this play, this game, this season. The great ones do it best too! The problem is you handle living the same way and never take time to see that sports are such a small percent of the rest of your life. I used to miss the sound of the crowd and the attention I would get after the games. Ok so maybe I still do miss it a little but now I see that EVERYTHING I do my kids are a fan! If I’m cooking they want to cook. If I’m cutting fire wood they are breaking sticks to be like me.

I am no longer a prisoner to the game that I gave my all too. I am now a fan! Did football turn out like I wanted it too?…NOPE, but neither does life! It’s a new beginning and I’m loving every bit of it!

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  1. Celeste Strohl

    I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. You have beautiful children! I also have started a new chapter of my life. I retired from Gwinnett County Public Schools one week ago and am loving it also. Enjoy your new beginning! Please give my love to your family. Sincerely, Celeste Strohl

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