NFLPA Collegiate Bowl: Teriyon Gipson Q&A

The 2017 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl will be played on January 21 at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California and will air live on FOX Sports West. One of the players to keep your eye on will be Teriyon Gipson, the explosive running back from New Mexico. Gipson, a communications major, was second in the nation this season with a ridiculous yards per carry average of 8.8. I witnessed his skills first-hand during American Team practice sessions as he continually left defenders in his wake. Pro Player Insiders caught up with the Dallas native on his week-long experience with the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Teriyon Gipson during American Team practice. Courtesy of Kevin A. Koski / NFLPA

What NFL scouts are saying about his potential:

A lot of scouts are talking about my speed and my ability on third down and being able to come out the backfield to catch the ball and my home-run threat.

Who his favorite player of all time is:

Warrick Dunn. We’re kind of the same size. I feel that he was a complete back; he ran the ball great, he caught the ball great, he had a great career in the NFL.

The best part of his American Team practices:

Just being back out here to play football again. To compete against all these top guys to see where I’m at against some of the best players in the nation.

The NFLPA hosts various seminars for players invited to the game to help get them adjusted to life as a professional player before they sign with a team.

Here is what Gipson took away from the off-field sessions:

I’ve learned to stay within my budget. When you make it to the next level you can’t live outside your means. I know I have to be honest and straight forward with those guys (NFL personnel) because they pretty much know everything. Lying will only hurt your character, just play football and everything else will fall into place.

A life lesson he learned in college:

I learned that things are going to fall in place if you keep your nose clean and do the right thing.

 On his arrest:

Pretty much every scout asks me about it. I’m straight forward with them and tell them the truth. Most scouts respect that I tell them the truth. I don’t know how it will affect my future. It shouldn’t have taken place, it was something that I shouldn’t have had any parts in. I just have to stay clean and hope for the best.

Improvements he needs to make:

I need to gain some weight to be better at pass blocking. My speed is going to be key but everybody is fast in the NFL so you have to have something more than that. Work on my pass catch ability and my return ability.

In his free time:

I just like chilling with my family. I have a lot of brothers and sisters and we are tight. So when I get a chance to go home and be with my family, that’s all I’m doing.

 Bucket list:

I’ve never thought about putting one together but the first thing I want is to do something special for my mom. She’s been there every step of the way. She travelled 10 hours every weekend during the season to watch me play football for four years, and even longer on some road games.

 Final thoughts:

I’m just thankful for this invitation to the NFLPA game to showcase my abilities in front of these scouts and against top quality players in the nation.

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Photos courtesy of Kevin A. Koski / NFLPA


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