NFLPA Board Recommends Settlement to Player Class

WASHINGTON—The NFL Players Association’s Board of Directors voted Monday afternoon to recommend a settlement agreement to the plaintiffs in Brady v. NFL.

Superstar rapper Jay-Z, one-half of The Throne, weighed in on the good news by saying, “Football is more than a game. It’s a bonding time. Families sit around the TV and spend time together. In this great age of the Internet, that is more important than ever. Congrats to De Smith and the NFLPA. I’m glad that the players and owners could work it out.”

DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell with owners and playersIn a conference call with player leaders from around the league which started at 11 a.m. and concluded close to 2 p.m., the Board voted to recommend the settlement to the named plaintiffs.
Player Directors active in the process confirmed they believe the terms presented Monday will improve conditions for NFL players past, present and future.

“What we’re trying to do is make the best decisions for the men and their families in football,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said. “We’ve tried to keep the training schedules on track.”
As has been the case throughout the NFL’s labor strife, players remain dedicated to reaching a fair deal. They are seeking the voted-on settlement to be an essential component to what will be a long-term agreement benefiting players, owners and fans.

The Board of Directors made a formal recommendation to the 10 named plaintiffs that they accept the terms of the settlement. The plaintiffs decide the next course of action.

“Players unanimously recommend approval of the deal,” Smith told

“I want to thank the fans. We’re excited that football is back,” NFLPA president Kevin Mawae said.

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