Into & Over #NFL week 9 with @Cagaddis


Marshawn Lynch goes Beast Mode on the Raiders:
In case you don’t know what beast mode is this is it right here! With a little help from some teammates Lynch keeps his feet moving – refuses to be stopped and carries defenders into the end zone.marshawn-lynch-beast-mode-against-oakland

The Return of Mark Sanchez:
Everyone loves a comeback story! Sanchez not only came off the bench to replace an injured Nick Foles he lead the Eagles to a win and played really good – like Jets fans WISH they had him back good. The Eagles offense did not miss a beat as Sanchez threw for 222 yards and 2 touchdowns. Chip Kelly’s offense is a great fit for Sanchez – who now has a great opportunity to move on from being the butt (insert butt fumble pun here) of every joke.

The Arizona Cardinals:
The most impressive part of the Cardinals win this week was the fact that they held DeMarco Murray to under 100 yards rushing for the first time this season. At 7 -1 the Cardinals are the number one team in the NFC and in the driver seat from here on out.

Suisham and Wing Tag team Partners:
There is strength in numbers – even if it’s a punter and kicker. Their names even sound like a WWE tag team. “Now coming to the ring at a combined weight of 200 pounds the tag team Champions of the World Suisham and Wing!”specialteamssuperfriendsteamup.0


Washington Redskins:
Is it me or are the Redskins doomed? They finally get RGIII healthy and ready to play only to find that he has managed to alienated himself from his teammates. Players are hurting themselves making pizza(yes pizza) – their buses got into an accident on the way to the stadium and when they finally arrived they walked into at least 2,000 Native Americans holding what was the largest protest against the team name to date. Oh and to top it all off they lost to the Vikings.

clowney-instagramJadeveon Clowney:
What’s up with these rookies and social media? Of all the times to “cyber creep” on Instagram during your team’s game while you’re out with the flu is possibly the worst. It’s time for Clowney to grow up; act like a professional, and show that he was worth that high priced first overall pick.


Manning Fizzles vs. Brady:
This matchup was hyped up by ESPN all Sunday and to be honest I don’t see why. These two have met 16 times of which Manning has won 5. The fact is for Manning never plays his best against the Patriots.

Terrell Suggs Dirty Hit:
The Steelers vs. Ravens is always a hard fought, knockdown, drag out heavyweight match between two tough and physical teams. In games like these you have to do whatever you can to get the upper hand on your opponent. But this was too far and is the type of hit that can ruin a player’s career.suggsdirt.0



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