Into & Over NFL Week 16 with @Cagaddis


Daren Bates Field Goal Block:

Just a week ago Bates missed timed this block and got flagged for jumping offsides. This week he managed to time it up perfectly and blocked this kick clean. Too bad for the Rams it wasn’t enough as they lost by 10 points to the Giants. ramblock.0

[Photo Credit @SBNATION]

Marshawn Lynch Going Beast Mode…Again:
What makes Marshawn  a great runner is that he can he run you over  or he can run around and past you and he did all of those on this play. I don’t know what is more impressive his change of direction or that he stayed inbounds. Oh and Lynch did all if this with a stomach ache while puking on the sidelines. beastmooode.0  [Photo Credit @SBNATION]

Ryan Tanhielle :
Tannehill had a career best day when he and head coach Joe Philbin needed it most. Completing 35 or 47 passes and throwing for 396 and 4 touchdowns. Prior to this week there was a lot of speculation that the two of them would be out this offseason but Dolphins ownership has decided to show some patience and trust Philbin’s process.




Ruined Fake Punt:
NFL coaches hate to take risk. They would much rather punt the ball and maintain good field position on just about every 4th down. So when a coach finally decided to take a shot on a fake punt there is nothing worse than players ruining it. The Colts called a fake punt from their own 19 yard line and executed it perfectly until Dewey McDonald dropped the catch that would have given the Colts a first down.

Johnny Football:
Manziel is the first player to make my over list two weeks in a row.  After going 3 for 8 he left the game, towards the end of the first half with a hamstring injury. That was pretty much the highlight of the game for him. Hopefully Johnny’s hamstring will heal up enough for him to have a chance to redeem himself in week 17.

Dominic Raiola:
Welcome back to the over column Dominic! After six “safety-related rules violations” the NFL finally decided to take action other than fining Raiola. Who’s latest offense was intentionally stomping the ankle – one of the most vulnerable body parts of any athlete – of Chicago’s Ego Ferguson. Raiola said that him “stepping” on Ferguson’s ankle was unintentional but its pretty clear from looking at the tape that is not the case. The NFL has to take stronger stance on this. Raiola received a one game suspension. The same suspension as first time violator of the NFL substance abuse policy; his fines for his prior offenses have been the equivalent of a uniform violation($10k per violation). If the purpose of harsh punishments from the Saint’s “bounty-gate” was to send a message that the act of intentionally harming another player is unacceptable why is Raiola continually allowed to play when there is clear intent to harm in his actions? RAIOLA

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