Into & Over #NFL Week 14 with @Cagaddis


Jarius Wright’s 87 yard Walk-off Touchdown:
There is nothing as exciting as NFL overtime, the game can come down to one play and its probably the only thing that could make the 2-11 Jets worth watching. To bad for them the most exciting play was an 87 yards screen pass to Jarius Wright that won the game for the Vikings .
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Le’Veon Bell:
On Sunday Bell became the first player since Walter Payton in 1977 to get 200 yards from scrimmage in 3 straight games. This the exactly the type of effort that the Steelers need from everyone in the midst of their late season playoff push.

Cam Newton 350Carolina Panthers:
The Panthers offense exploded for 41 points against the Saints on Sunday, and notched their first victory since October 5th. With the Falcons losing to Green Bay(big shocker) on Monday night they are now within a half game of first place in the AFC South despite their 4-8-1 record.

Jeff Fisher St Louis Rams 350Jeff Fisher’s Sense of Humor:
For this weeks coin toss against the Redskins; Coach Fisher sent Stedman Bailey, Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Alec Ogletree, Greg Robinson and Zac Stacy to represent his Rams. Its a safe bet that even the most die-hard Rams fan wouldn’t know who all six of those players are off the top of their head. The one thing they all have in common is that were all acquired by the Rams as a condition of the trade that gave the Redskins the 2nd overall pick and allowed them to draft RGIII. After a twenty-four to nothing win and Griffin seeing very limited snaps as a 2nd string quarterback with a murky future in D.C. I’m pretty sure the Rams got the better deal.

Green Bay Packers:
The Packers make winning games look easy week after week and they are practically unstoppable at home scoring at lest 23 points in the 1st half of their last 6 home games. What I like most about this Packers team is that they look like they are having fun from the beginning of their games to the end. Rogers even broke out his signature “discount double check” celebration in there Monday night win over the falcons. Don’t let the final score fool you this wasn’t as close as it looked.


Joseph Fauria Touchdown Celebration:
Endzone dances are nothing new to football but this was just terrible. No man should EVER “tweak” especially one on a football field with thousands of people watching him.twerk[Photo Credit @_MarcusD_]

 previewNFL Fashion Sense:
Professional athletes are trend setters across the board. Sometimes in the name of fashion you have to take a risk to really set yourself apart for the pack – or so I’ve heard. With every risk comes the chance of failure and falling on your face and this week we had two fashion fails. One of which was Antonio Browns suit. This looked like it was plucked out of the movie Tron. The only good thing is that it didn’t light up…that we know of. The second was Von Millers fur hat; I am willing to give Millers a pass since it is pretty funny and very practical for the cold winter in Denver.

Browns Not Starting Manziel:
Brian Hoyer has been struggling for weeks. He was so bad against the Bills the Browns benched him and played Manziel for their final two possessions. After Manziel led the Browns on an eight play, eighty yard touchdown drive it seemed like a no-brainer that Manziel would be named the starter,  but the Browns had other plans and decided to stick with Hoyer as their starter against the Colts. It worked out well for them as Hoyer went 14-31 threw two interceptions and ZERO touchdowns in a loss.

Jim Harbaugh glumJim Harbuagh and the 49ers Front office:
The 49ers hit a new low this weekend becoming the 2nd team to lose to the Raiders this season. To make matters worse the loss might be the nail in the coffin for their playoff hopes as well as for Harbaugh’s tenure in San Francisco. Harbaugh is responsible for turning around the franchise and raising the expectations in San Francisco and now falling short of those expectation will be one of the reasons he is sent packing.

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