Into & Over #NFL Week 13 with @Cagaddis


Mike Evans Manhandling:
You know tour doing something right when a lineman is impressed with a wide receiver’s blocking. Mike Evans treats Terrance Newman like a ragdoll and tosses him around for the entire play. This has got to be demoralizing for Newman – he’ll think twice the next time he lines up against Evans.mevens

Johnny Manziel:
Its about time for Johnny to make headlines for something good. While he was not able to lead the Brown to comeback win over the Bills on Sunday he did provide the spark that their offense seemed to be missing with Hoyer at the helm over the last couple of weeks. I expecting to see his “money sign” a lot over the next few weeks of the season.

mace1Calgary Stampeders:

I know that I normally only do NFL action but I had to put this one on my into colum because one of my best friends, and former teammates Corey Mace is a member of the CFL Champion Calgary Stampeders. It was awesome to watch him achieve a life long dream of becoming a champion and to make it even better he did so in his home town of Vancouver B.C.



St. Louis Police Association:
The SLPOA  asked the Rams and the NFL to discipline the 5 players that came out of the tunnel with their hands in the air in what has become known as the “Hands-up-don’t-shoot” pose. They are also asking for a public apology from the team and the NFL. I would think they have bigger things to be worry about than 5 players showing support for the community of Ferguson. handsup_0

[Photo Credit SB Nation]

To say nothing is going right for the Giants this season is an understatement. They have lost 7 in a row. Their latest came against the Jaguars who recorded the largest comeback victory in team history when they erased the Giants 21 point lead. Its no secret there are going to be a lot of changes made in New York this off-season and for Giant Fans that can’t come soon enough.

redskins bfridayRedskins Cyber Monday:
For those that don’t like the hustle and bustle of of black friday there is Cyber Monday. You can sit back in front of a computer and do all your holiday shopping from the safety of your own home…unless you are looking to buy Redskins premium season tickets. This is just another example of how out-of-touch with reality the Redskins are. Similar to their season and team-name they just don’t quite get it.


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