Into & Over #NFL Week 12 with @Cagaddis


Odell Beckham Jr:
Seriously this is the most impressive catch I have ever seen in my life and is a no brainier for the top of my into list. Beckham racked up 10 catches for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns in a losing effort against the Cowboys but this is the catch that everyone will be talking about for a long time.BECKHAM

Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line:
The Cowboys front 5 had an impressive Sunday night only allowing 2 sacks and providing Demarco Muarry the running lanes necessary to rush for 121 yards. Tony Romo will get a lot of credit since he was the person throwing the ball during the Cowboys last minute game winning drive over the Giants, but the real stars the linemen. During the drive Romo had what seemed to be unlimited time as he scanned the field two or three times before making a throw and it was all thanks to the big boys upfront.

Raider Nation can all exhale a sigh of relief knowing that they will not be joining the  winless 2008 Detroit Lions. Their last minute win over the Chiefs on Thursday night was their first win since November on last year! Hopefully they don’t wait a year to get their next one.





Lions Center Being a Poor Loser:
I hate to lose as much as the next guy – as a former Bill I can attest losing to the Patriots twice a year is especially bad – so I understand Lions center Dominic Raiola’s frustration. But at the end of the day you take your lumps and walk off the field knowing that you put the best you had on the field and get ready to bring it for your next game. You don’t take a cheap shot on the last play because you felt like the other team ran up the score.RAIOLA CHEAP

Steelers Releasing Blount:
A week after quitting on the Steelers and leaving the sidelines early LeGarrette Blount rushed for 78 yards and two touchdowns for the New England Patriots. Instead of suspending Blount or deactivating him the Steelers gave him exactly what he wanted.  Releasing him and allowing him to sign with any team in the League. Blount went from a team fighting for a playoff spot to one that is heavily favored to make it to the Super Bowl. Who said quitters never win?

Gronkowski-Manziel-Vegas.finalJohnny Brawler:
It looks like Johnny Manziel has a little too much free time on his hands.  Its being reported that he was involved in a brawl at 2:30 am on Saturday morning. If I were Manziel watching Brian Hoyer successfully lead this Browns team to their first playoff appearance in 11 years I would be on my best behavior and not give them any more reasons to keep me on the bench…Just give the guy a hug Johnny!


For those of you that don’t know Western New York was basically buried under snow this week. Areas like the one I live in got as much as 90″. The Bills and Jets had to not only reschedule their game to Monday Night but also relocate it to Detroit. I can safely speak for all Western New Yorkers when I say we seen more than enough snow this winter!

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