Into & Over #NFL Week 11 with @Cagaddis


Brandon Marshall Making Sure Cutler Knew Where to Throw the Ball:
I don’t know what the Vikings were thinking matching up 5″9, 199 pound Josh Robinson with 6″4, 230 pound Brandon Marshall, but it was a bad idea. I know that Jay Cutler has struggled all season but even Marshall could see the mismatch and made sure Cutler knew to throw him the ball. bmarsh.0

J.J. Watt”s Touchdown Catch:
Seriously is there anything Watt can’t do? There are wide receivers in the NFL that can’t make this catch. watt td

Fat Guy Touchdown:
There is nothing better than a linemen scoring a touchdown except for the celebration that usually follows it. fatguy td

Eddie Lacys goes Beast mode:
This looked like a run on Madden! This pretty much sums up the entire Packers, Eagles game the Packers did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. lacysbeast

Mike Evans:
At this point in the season Evans is separating himself from a pack of talented rookie wide receivers. Sunday marked the 3rd straight game in which Evans had at least 7 catches, 100 or more yards receiving and at least a touchdown. He also leads all rookies in receiving yards with 794 on the year to go with his 7 touchdowns.Mike Evans


rsz_adrian_peterson_runNFL and Adrian Peterson Drama:
My biggest issue with the NFL is that they constantly change the rules on discipling players as they see fit. In the latest case the NFLPA claims that the NFL attempted to set up a meeting with Adrian Peterson outside of the normal procedure set up by the collective bargaining agreement. Its obvious that the NFL needs to find a better way to discipline players; hopefully now that a decision has finally been made on Peterson punishment we can all move on and they can use their pitfalls from this season as an example of what not to do.

Clocks Going Out in Chicago:
Thanks to a malfunction with the time on the scoreboard during the  2nd half  of the Bears Vikings game the time remaining was keep by the referees on the field using stop watches. This left the Viking attempting a 2 minute drill with almost no idea how much time was on the clock. Viking’s coach Mike Zimmer summed it up best “The clocks here are bullish*t”.

RGIII 650x440Redskins Fans Turn on RGIII:
It seemed like just yesterday Washington was in love with RGIII and thought that he would fix all their football woes – now all of that is a thing of the past. Griffin and the Redskins had extra time to prepare for Tampa Bay, who coming into this game only had one win, and managed to put together a performance so bad that fans were begging for a back up that has only played 1 and a half games this season.  To make things worse Griffin called out his teammates in his post game press conference, which lead to head coach Jay Gruden calling out Griffin in his press conference. I haven’t seen this much drama in D.C. since last weeks episode of Scandal.

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