NFL Preseason Finale: Buffalo Bills

One of the few preseason games worth talking about was owned by the Buffalo Bills VS the Bears on Thursday night. A game in which they made headlines by making a head-scratching move to start AJ McCarron. AJ is a person whom many thought would be the Bills regular season starter. Oddly enough it looks like the Bills already had their collective minds made up and decided they would move McCarron but start him in hopes of improving his trade value. However, after a shaky 13 for 34 on his passes with 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions they were only able to receive a 5th round pick for the quarterback.

Bills QB AJ McCarron sacked by the Bears defense.


There really wasn’t much to see in what seemed like a very meaningless 4th preseason game. Few starters played and if they did it was for a very short period. After going a satisfactory 2 - 2 in the preseason, the Bills have made it very clear they are in a major rebuild mode. Although, they have high hopes in Rookie Quarterback Josh Allen, they made the correct decision – in my mind – to keep the rookie off the field for a little bit longer and allow the game to come to him, instead of rushing his development. With older offensive/defensive personnel it’s clear to me that the Bills organization will not repeat and make back-to-back postseason appearances this year. Don’t fret Bills fans, think of the positives going into the season. For the first time since Jim Kelly there is finally a plan in place at the Quarterback position and with a possible high draft selection this year the Bills can start surrounding Allen with a supporting cast in order to make that jump back into the postseason.

Siran Neal, Ryan Nall
Bears player running in a touchdown.


The Bills will open up the season on the road versus the Baltimore Ravens. Coming into the game this week the Bills look to be a 7 point underdog. Try not to expect much this year Bills fans but instead have your hopes set towards the future.

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