NFL Draft Player Profile: Alabama’s D.J. Fluker

D.J. Fluker is just one of the many Alabama prospects with the potential to be drafted in the first round. He joins a Crimson Tide cast of first-rounders that includes Dee Milliner, Chance Warmack, and Eddie Lacy.

While Fluker might be the biggest of the bunch, his personality is even bigger! In fact, Fluker compares himself to linebacker Ray Lewis.

“Even though we play different positions, we all do the same job and we get our job done,” Fluker said Wednesday at the NFL Play 60 event. “The only difference is I’m blocking. But I take pride in that.”

Speaking of blocking, I asked the former Alabama lineman about his abilities to conform to the new rule changes and if that would affect his game at all. Fluker had this to say on the newest policies on player safety.

“I personally believe in what they are doing, in making it safer. You talk about players getting brain damage and I think that the [precautions] have made that number go down from the Commissioner’s rule changes. The game is becoming one that is more technically sound.”

Fans might recognize Fluker for his big belly hanging out of his jersey during all of Alabama’s college games. Though he might not look like it, Fluker is in outstanding shape, and his 6-foot-5, 340-pound frame can translate to success at the next level.

If Fluker can defend against defensive players with a quick first step, he can use his size and strength to gain leverage on his blocks. Fluker plays with an unmatched enthusiasm and intensity, which make him a mauler along the offensive line.

As he put it, “I’m the guy with the high energy when it comes down to the fourth quarter; I’m the guy you want to go to.”

Fluker will be one of the four prospects to go in the first round, continuing the school’s domination of prospects to transition into the NFL. After weighing in a bit heavy at the NFL Combine, Fluker showed scouts that his able to trim down and really impressed scouts with his work ethic and maturity.

After a stressful and interesting off-season, Fluker is really enjoying his time among the hustle and bustle of the busy New York lifestyle.

“I’ve just been hanging out with some of the players and former teammates, just taking it all in. Enjoying time with my family until the Draft.”

Fluker projects to go in the mid-to-late picks of the first round of the NFL Draft. Though a funny guy off the field, he is sure to impress teams with his performance on the field. After winning a few National Championships at Alabama, Fluker is looking to prove that he can win on the biggest stage at the next level, the Super Bowl.

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