NFL Combine Coaches Corner


The Los Angeles Chargers did not have a season they were hoping for after losing their last two games against the Chiefs and Seahawks and finishing second in the America Football Conference West. Head coach Anthony Lynn stated when it comes to keeping the team together he gives all the credit to the players, he said the guys stay committed, they never gave up, they believed in one another, believed in themselves, and never abandoned the ship after a rocky season. Lynn also mentioned that you can’t be at your best 400 times a year, you have to take some time off.

As the Chargers are still trying to get their team chemistry together, they are losing a main player that added great value to the team. Antonio Gates is no longer with the Chargers. When asked is there still room for Antonio on the team Coach Lynn responded with “Absolutely” he said they had a good exit meeting and its something that they haven’t talked about with Antonio yet. He went on to say he was one of the greatest chargers of all time.



49ers Head coach Kyle Shanahan is way more prepared for this combine than he was last year. He said last year he didn’t pick up college film, only when he got to the combine. Shanahan feels like the combine is for him to get to know players, and his first process before the draft. Everything he does before the combine is free agents, just because it comes first. But the scouts have been working at it all year. When its time for Shanahan to meet the players he tries to get a feel for them, but he doesn’t put to much effort into that person because you’re only meeting them for 15 minutes and you don’t want to make a big decision off of a 15 minute interview. In the end Shanahan tries to relax and get a feel for everyone and know that this is a long process for the draft since its not for a while. If he has more questions for someone he will bring them in for a bigger interview. Coach says he is further ahead this combine than last combine.



Seattle’s head Coach Pete Carroll is really excited about the guys that are at the combine and how it is working out so far with the new energy. Carroll is even energized by it and so is the whole Seattle group. Coach says he looks forward to how the combine is going to turn out.

Every off season Seattle competes as hard as they can to put their guys in the best positions and do the right things and make the right choices, sometimes you have to make some tough calls to put everything in the right order. He plans on not changing the approach that they have to the game in general, but he thinks Seattle can see things differently and uniquely. They never want to stay the same; every year is a dynamic opportunity to do things in a new way. Every year is loaded with changes and they are always forced to adapt.

He also talked about Russell Wilson and how Wilson is taking another step into a pro sport, which is baseball. He said he is happy with Wilson and he said its basically not going to affect anything with Seattle because he is going to be working out and doing stuff anyway. Carroll stated Wilson is in good condition and he is working to do everything right.

Photographer: Michael Johnson

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